Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Best Investment Bag

Regardless how many “It” bags or purses you have, there will probably come a point in your life when you feel compelled to kick things up a notch and think of an investment bag. So, keep on reading for our ultimate guideline on selecting them.

Think of the “investment” as more of a lifestyle lift or reputation booster.


sling-bag-with-chic-outfit chanel-bag-with-forest-green-coat

Investment bags might sound a little scary, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break the bank. If you don’t have hundred dollars lying around for a designer bag, you could still invest in a stylish yet classic bag that will last you for years to come. The word “investment” might lead you to believe that you’ll automatically make good money off your designer tote if you sell it in 10 years. In reality, most handbags don’t increase in value, especially if you use them every day. Instead of thinking of making a good profit from them, it’s best to think of the “investment” as more of a lifestyle lift or reputation booster.

Think style and function when picking investment bag.

all-black-outfit-with-structured-bag crop-sweater-with-high-waist-skirt-and-designer-bag black-handbag-with-creative-office-outfit

Though some women relegate their investment bags to special-occasion status, keep in mind that this is your one big splurge, so you’ll get more than what you pay for if you’re going to use all the time. Instead of a tiny, bejeweled clutch, think of handbags and totes that can be stylish and functional enough. Think long and hard about what you want your investment bag to look like so that it could last for 20 years.

Go for high-quality leather of investment bags.

breezy-outfit-with-designer-bag white-gray-and-black-dress-with-white-bag cullotes-and-tank-top-with-sling-bag

We all have different styles, fashion tastes, and budgets, so there aren’t too many hard-and-fast rules when it comes to investment bags. But, investment bags should be made from high-quality leather, and are not made of canvas or nylon. Crocodile and python are great for those who have the means, of course, but the rest of us should stick with high-quality, sturdy leather. Shape, color, and hardware are all up to you. Though black or brown shades are best for versatility and longevity, if you’re dying for bold red or neon orange, who are we to stop you?

If you love designer bags and fit your budget, go for it.

sling-bag-with-sporty-chic-outfit lace-crop-top-with-miniskirt-and-designer-clutch-bag doctors-bag-with-urban-chic-outfit

Investment bag implies “designer,” but there are many, many designers out there, so you don’t have to lay out thousands of dollars to get something special. When you’re looking for a bag, you might be tempted to go for the trendy bags that would be just fine, if you already have a closetful of investment bags. But if this is going to be your one major bag, ignore the trends and go for a classic. By heeding our guidelines, you’ll be able to select the perfect investment bag for you.

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