My daughter Trinity asked me if she could contribute to my beauty blog! I thought it was a wonderful idea since she also loves makeup and writing.Here is my review of TRINITY, MY MINI ME: TOKIDOKI LIPGLOSS !

I told her she could aim for one post a week if she keeps up with all her school work (I’m also using this as a reward for keeping her room clean and making her bed before school!) Please keep in mind this is purely innocent, for fun and she is only TEN years old. She reseaches her own products, takes her own pictures and writes her own posts. PLEASE BE KIND!


Hi, I’m Trinity and I like to read my mommy’s blog. I want to blog, because I like to review things. Today I will show you some “Tokidoki” lipglosses. Tokidoki make up is my favorite, because I like crazy neon colors. I’m kind of good at drawing the little anime characters on the packages. Well anyways here’s my review:


My first lip gloss is called “burger’’. It’s a non-sticky formula that is good for your lips. The smell and taste is blueberry, but to me it smells and tastes sweet like candy! Each gloss cap holds a criminally cute tokidoki character inside a snow globe, so you can take the playful tokidoki spirit wherever you go. The applicator is clear and smooth, it’s very cool! Always remember these products have not been tested on animals, so don’t let your pets get it! 



Ok , so for my next lipgloss I will do “Ninja Dog”. This one is a blue color. Oh, I forgot to say the colors are crazy but they don’t really show as the color, but if you put a lot of layers of the blue one it will show a little blue if you look closely. In the cap there is a ninja riding a skate board. Ok sorry I’m forgetting everything for the burger in the cap there is a little hamburger. For ninja dog his lip gloss smells and tastes like candy as well. I love how the gloss feels on your lips, it’s not sticky but it’s nice and smooth.



Now for my next color called ‘’bullets’’ this one is purple. Like I said crazy colors…. but not really! I like this one , because I just love the color! Btw, my favorite color is purple! In the cap there are two bullets. One is small and the other is big. They are both shades of gray. The small bullet has an eye patch. When you have the lip glosses on for a while you can feel a little tingle but not much. The ingredients in the lip gloss are heathy for your lips, that’s why it cost so much money!





So those are the three Tokidoki lip glosses I have. Later in the week or month I might post some of my drawings I made of Tokidoki so please keep reading Mercedes Make Up Obsessions & daughter! Hehe. I hope you will still read my blogs and check out my cool reviews! Bye and see you next week!


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