Trendy Ways to Wear Wedge Sneakers

Those days of needing to decide between rocking sneakers for comfort or heels for height are long gone. Look like sneakers but constructed like wedges, wedge sneakers are great for a cool and comfortable street style that can keep you comfortable all day long without losing those couple inches you get from your killer heels. Though can be intimidating look to pull off, you can still wear it in trendy ways with little effort. Just keep on reading to scoop some trendy tricks.

denim shorts and wedge sneakers

distressed denim wwith blazer and wedge sneakers leather jacket and denim pants with wedge sneakers skinny jeans and casual top with wedge sneakers skinny jeans with leopard print top and wedge sneakers skinny jeans with wedge sneakers

For a casual and laid-back look, go for denim jeans and shorts to pair with your trendy sneakers. Just remember that you should always opt for a sleek pair of skinny jeans that hug your leg over classic styles like straight-leg or boot-cut as they create an even narrower line by tucking the jeans into your wedge sneakers. Feel free to go for distressed, faded, or acid-washed style of jeans but pair them with a chic top like structured blazer, sweater, tank tops, feminine blouses and such to avoid looking sloppy. Your bottoms and tops should create a snug, fitted appearance to balance out the bulk of the sneakers so it’s better to go for fitted tops rather than loose fitting ones.

leather trousers with black top and wedge sneakers metallic blazer with skinny pants and wedge sneakers metallic pants with wedge sneakers metallic trousers and graphic tee with wedge sneakers printed pants with chic top and wedge sneakers silk blazer with skinny jeans and wedge sneakers

For edgy but glamorous street looks, wear anything metallic, shiny, and glittery with your wedge sneakers. Though sequin ensembles are not the best option, you may go for metallic pants, glittery blazers, leather trousers and even a patent one to add some shine to your casual and cool looks. If you’re not on the glittery vibe, go for printed pants instead to add some interest without looking over-the-top. Wedge sneakers are large and a little clunky, but they can still look stylish as long as the rest of the leg looks slender and long.

lace dress with wedge sneakers

Gone are the days that sneakers are for gym purposes only. You can easily dress down your too dressy outfit like a lace dress, tulle skirt, peasant dress, and even cut-out ones with a neutral pair of wedge sneakers. Just skip showing your socks when wearing dresses and go for a black or white pair of kicks.

all black outfit with wedge sneakers black skirt with wedge sneakers denim jacket and leather skirt with wedge sneakers knitted top with asymmetrical skirt and wedge sneakers tulip skirt with chic top and wedge sneakers

If you’re a dressy type of girl but want to keep things casual, go for dressy skirts and pair them with casual tops like camouflage print jackets, tank tops, sweaters, graphic tees, denim jacket and such to create that casual-chic look that best complemented by wedge sneakers. It’s up to you how casual or dressy you want your looks to be so feel free to dress it up or down through your fashionable pieces.

Sneakers are not only comfortable but they’re also stylish and perfect for a casual-chic look. So whether you’re going out with friends, heading to a park with your dog, and running some errands in the afternoon, wedge sneakers are a trendy footwear that’s perfect for you.


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