Trends We’d Love to Sport Longer

If you’ve always loved keeping up with the latest trends in fashion, I’m pretty sure you have your own list of favorites that you still tend to stick to even though they’re no longer the biggest and the hottest trends today. Being stylish and fashionable doesn’t always mean having to rock every single trend that comes around. It also means figuring out your own personal style and rocking trends that go with it as well as the ones that you’re comfortable with. Don’t you just love it when a certain trend comes around and it’s something that you can actually wear and be comfortable with? Check out these trends we’d love to sport longer and see why!

  • Nude pointy toes shoes – the past couple of months have been all about slinky, six inch-heeled round pointy toe pumps and though we must admit that they’re quite chic, nothing beats a good ol’ pair of nude pointy toe shoes. They’re very versatile and classy and we love how they make your legs look slightly more slender and a few inches longer, especially when the nude color matches that of your skin. This is definitely one trend we’re going to be wearing even if everybody stops doing so.


classy nude pointy toe shoes

  • Leather pants – they’re not the most comfortable pair of pants you’ll ever put on in your entire life but a pair of leather pants is a surefire way to instantly add some sex appeal to your whole look. They’re fierce and they look really good with even the simplest and plainest shirt in your closet. Buying a pair of real leather pants would be a good idea if you like investing in clothes while faux leather pants are perfect if you support anti-cruelty causes for animals.

sweater and leather pants fab leather pants

  • Chambray shirt – chambray shirts are definitely having their moment these last few seasons and we can clearly see why. They’re really comfy and they’re super stylish, too! You can pull off so many different looks with just one chambray shirt. All you need to do is switch up your accessories and the bottoms you wear it with and you have yourself a new look each time. A chambray shirt is something that you can wear all year long as well so it really gets you the most bang for your buck.

chambray shirt embellished skirt dark chambray button up

  • Leopard prints items – another really cool way to make anything look sexy is to wear it in leopard print. Something about this print pattern just connects you with your inner sex kitten. Wear everyday ordinary basics in leopard print for a subtle yet sexy vibe or turn up the heat with sexy leopard print outfits. if you find this print too sexy, you can always dress it down by pairing it with casual items like jeans.

scarf with leopard prnts leopard print shirt

  • Menswear inspired items – even the girliest girl gets sick of looking so sweet and dainty all the time and on those days, a few couple of menswear inspired items incorporated in your everyday outfits can really change your look. Wear a boxy blazer with a flirty dress, pair your lovely cashmere sweater with boyfriend jeans – wearing one or two menswear inspired items is one of the best and easiest ways to make your outfit look less saccharine.

preppy menswear outfit still sexy suit

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