Travel Hacks for the Beauty-Conscious Jetsetter

Travelling is a fun and exhilarating activity, but the packing part can be quite troublesome. Roam around the world like a model – without leaving half of your beauty essentials at home – by minding these super-helpful travel hacks.

travel hack girl

Do you often find your shampoo bottles near empty because the liquid has managed to escape to your luggage? Save your hair essentials – and your packed items as well – by placing a small piece of plastic wrap on the top of the container before sealing it. Another genius alternative is to seal the flip-top container with a sturdy tape.

covered shampoo container taped top containers

Do you often find your powdered make-up broken and powdery after a long-haul travel? Save your expensive cosmetics from travel obliteration by putting a cotton ball or a cotton pad in between the make-up and the mirror/cover.

cotton for makeup

Want to bring liquid make-up and cosmetics but only have carry-on baggage? You won’t get stopped by the TSA if you store make-up, shampoo or toothpaste even in your old contact lens containers. Be able to identify which is which by shading the tops in different colored markers.

contact lens container

Another way to bring your make-up and skin essentials without carrying your entire powder room is to transfer these items to straws. Seal the ends with your straightening iron and label them with a permanent marker.

cosmetics contained in straws

Save money by asking for perfume samples when shopping. Bring these small items to your travels instead of buying travel-sized perfumery.

small perfume samples

Keep ear swabs from getting lost in your luggage by storing them in old medicine containers. Cover the containers with stickers or gift wrappers to make them look more fancy.

qtips in medicine container

Need a barrage of hair pins for your next destination? Organize these items efficiently by storing them in old Tic-Tac containers.

hair pins in tictac container

Use your shoes as storage space! Fill it with socks, cosmetics or other items in order to maximize the space in your suitcase. At the same time, prevent the shoe soles from staining your clothes by placing them in a used shower cap.

pack items in shoesshoes in shower cap

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