Topshop Nail Polish Haul


We were lucky enough to get down to the London Fashion’s Night out last week. We spent so much time admiring the clothes and enjoying the events that were going on that we actually didn’t buy any clothes. We do have a huge list of things we want to buy which will hopefully happen this weekend (we will post about this). Harriet did however, find a few new varnishes in Topshop.

Topshop Nail Polish Haul

Topshop Nail Polish Haul-2

1. Topshop – Razzmatazz – £6
We love all Topshop nail varnishes – they are pretty good value for money aren’t they? They usually need just one coat but on the odd occasion I have found ones which need two. They have such a lovely range of colours and although we have so many already – couldn’t resist these aqua themed colours to add to the collection!

Really haven’t stopped loving the glitter phase everyone is going through – had to get this!

Topshop - Razzmatazz

2. Topshop – Pool Party – £5
This is a gorgeous colour if you have tanned skin as it really exaggerates it!

Topshop - Pool Party

3. Barry M – Indigo – £2.99
This looks very different in the picture but this is my favourite shade – have to use two coats with BarryM though.

Barry M - Indigo

4. Nail Art Pen – Frozen – £6.50
This applies really well and you seal it with a clear topcoat varnish.

Nail Art Pen - Frozen

The result…

nail art

nail art-2

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