Top Street Style Picks From Kazakhstan FW ’16

The largest landlocked country may not host one of the most anticipated fashion weeks in the world. But with the recent economic boom and the increasing market for designer goods, there is an emerging set of creative individuals ready to fill the gap in Kazakhstan. And the Almaty Fashion Week sponsored by Mercedes Benz is a proof of that.

Almaty fashion week 2016

The Almaty runways were filled with the exquisite combination of familiar and foreign looks, local and global flavors. And we are loving them!

But more than that, we have the beautiful fashionistas in Almaty sauntering their amazing looks in the streets of Almaty. Here are our top street style picks in Almaty Fashion Week in Kazakhstan!

  • A-line. This silhouette has been around since the beginning of fashion. However, to make way for the straight-line and body-hugging silhouettes, it has not been around in the fashion spotlight for a long time. A-line now creates a vintage feel especially when the design of the dress or skirt is also a nod to the previous decades.
    A-line almaty fashion week 16
  • Bold graphics. Bold graphic prints are things of the seventies and eighties and I find them to be great to wear in casual outfits. Thus, denim makes a great fabric to pair with any apparel with bold prints. Neutral colors like black and white are also great colors to pair with whatever colorful or bold graphic print you want to wear.bold graphic print almaty fw 16
  • Black and white. Monochromatic can have any ‘feel’ to it. But black and white—and some gray in between—is a sleek look most of the time. White is clean and looks even cleaner when paired with the sleek and sharp black. This color combination is something any fashionista in any corner of the world loves and it is no surprise that we see it in Kazakhstan.monochromatic almaty fw 16
  • Tribal print. Being in the Middle East, we know for sure that Kazakhstan has a culture all too different from that of the Western. That said, their tribal print is something that is deeply influenced in their own history and culture. There is an oriental and also a Middle Eastern feel to the tribal outfits of the Kazakhs. And this is also seen in Kazakh fashion designer, Mikhail Kravet’s fashion show during the Almaty Fashion Week.tribal print almaty fw 16
  • Military punk. This kind of military inspired look is not something you see in the Transatlantic areas. We often associate the term “military” in fashion with camouflage prints, cargo pants and other kind of apparel often used by the military. In the Almaty Fashion Week, however, we could see military-inspired looks that combines edginess and toughness stylishly well with artistry and femininity.punk almaty fashion week 16
  • Earthy tones. I absolutely love how some of the street style looks we see in Almaty Fashion Week utilize the earthy tones either in an organic and muted way or pair them up with sleek and modern colors splendidly.earthy almaty fw 16
  • Romantic. Kazakhs also utilize the frequently-used elements of a romantic style, like floral and pastel colors, but they add their own twist into it, creating a fresh, foreign take on the style.romantic Almaty FW 16

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