Top Dress Styles By Decade 

Fashion is an ever-changing game. Although trends come and go, some continue to be the defining styles of the decade. Take a chic trip down memory lane with these top dress styles by decade.

1920s: Flapper Dress

The flapper dress is likened to a bird flapping her wings. True enough, this is the appearance you will get if you wear a flapper dress. After all, this dress is filled with fringes and embellishments that will make you ‘flap’ all day. Of all the dress styles by decade, the flapper dress is best for nighttime events and costume parties.

flapper dress

flapper dresses

1930s: Silk Ruffled Dress

The silk ruffled gown is the true embodiment of ethereal glamour. Compared to the present dress styles by decade, the silk ruffled gown is not tight-fitting. Although that is the case, this dress is ideal for formal events that call for an elegant yet non-restrictive outfit.

pink silk ruffled gwn silk ruffled gown

1940s: Short-Sleeved Midi Dress

Currently, the midi dress is one of the hottest dress styles by decade. Its popularity is not new though, as its forerunner, the short-sleeved midi, was the hottest fashion piece of the 1940’s.

printed midi dress

1950s: Balloon A-line Dress

A-line dresses are popular dress styles by decade, inspired by the fame of the 1950’s trend that is the balloon A-line dress. Compared to the current designs, the 50’s A-line dresses had pronounced bottoms, which created the illusion of a sexier hourglass figure.

a-line dressblue short sleeve midi dress

1960s: Shift Dress

The shift dress is one of the classic dress styles by decade. Popularized in the 1960’s, this straight-cut dress is a simple work of magic. During the height of its fame, the shift dress was sleeveless and knee-length. But with the evolution of fashion, today’s shift dresses have expounded out of its former style boundaries.

mauve shift dress striped shift dress

1970s: Wrap Dress

Invented by prominent designer Diane von Furstenberg, the wrap dress became one of the top dress styles by decade 1970. True to its’ name, this V-neck dress wraps around the body, hitting the right curves at the right places. Because of its’ design, this dress is best for women who want to accentuate their shapes.

printed wrap dress

1980s: Strapless Mini Dress

The 1980’s dress styles by decade are spearheaded by the strapless mini dress. Popularized by Madonna, this iconic garment is widely worn until today.

white strapless mini dressstrapless mini dress

1990s: Slip Dress

The 1990’s was all about showing skin, that’s why the slip dress became one of the ‘it’ styles by decade. Models such as Kate Moss were often seen in this provocative, nightgown-resembling dress. Since it is made from light material, the slip dress has become top choices for summer and spring fashion.

rihanna slip dress blue slip dress

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