Top 5 Celebrity Curly Hairstyles

Do you have naturally curly hair? If you are thinking of getting a perm, then you might as well look like your favorite actresses, musicians, and fashion icons. For good hair ideas, make sure to follow any of these top celebrity curly hairstyles:

Rihanna: Tight Coils

Rihanna is one of the world’s hair icons, making her one of the go-to idols when it comes to celebrity curly hairstyles. You can look as stunning as the Bahamian superstar by having your hair in tight and kinky coils. With this hairstyle, you have multiple options: just let them down as it is, or pull it back in a sleek ponytail.


rihanna curly hair

Frederikke Sofie: Pre-Raphaelite Blonde Curls

The 17-year-old Danish model is known for her modeling prowess and very romantic curls. Her rich textured hair, tagged as “pre-raphaelite blonde curls,” is one of the celebrity curly hairstyles that you could try out this spring. Defined as naturally textured, these are the curls that you can wear with minimal fuss. If you have little time to do your ‘do, then try Frederikke’s celebrity curly hairstyles.

frederikke hair frederikke curls

Kate Hudson: Beach Babe Curls

If you are a fan of the summer look, then Kate Hudson’s celebrity curly hairstyles are perfect for you! Her short, wavy tresses are reminiscent of the beachy babe curls that everyone is too fond of. What’s great about this hairdo is that it requires little maintenance. All you just need to do is spritz hairspray before going off to work. Tousle and tress your mane in the car, in the train, wherever! You will definitely get the beach babe look in a few minutes’ time.

kate curly hair kate hudson

Kiernan Shipka: Pin-up Curls

Although Kiernan has straight hair, she knows that celebrity curly hairstyles are all the rage – so she embodies it as well. She is seen with a variety of curly hairstyles, but one thing for sure – they all evoke the sexy look of pin-up curls. Like Kiernan, you can achieve a classy nighttime look by side-sweeping your curls.

kiernan curly hair

Another option is to apply spray to your locks and let ‘em fall naturally, like Kiernan’s sophisticated look below.

kiernan curly hairdo

Ashley Madekwe: Highlighted Curls

Celebrity curly hairstyles look good in a uniform color, but it wouldn’t hurt if you throw in some highlights as well. If you want to add more dimension to your look, then make sure to emulate Ashley’s highlighted curls. Because of her textured curls, her highlights emanate better than ever. Like most celebrity curly hairstyles, Ashley’s do is a good style to have all day, everyday.

ashley hair ashley curly hair

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