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Top 10 Winter Perfumes

Top 10 Winter Perfumes :

With each season the perfumes I wear change and rotate, as the weather cools I shelve my citrus and spring flower compositions in favour of heavier, more comforting scents. The perfumes I favour in winter contain warm, enveloping notes such as cinnamon, amber, chocolate, heavy vanilla, leather, spices and liqueurs. Here are the 10 scents that I’ll be reaching for this winter season (any perfume which have already been reviewed in full will be linked):Top-10-Winter-Perfumes

  1. YSL Opium– probably something your mother wore back in the day, but I love this perfume! It’s a classic, I currently have the pre-reformulation EDT which smells heavily of cinnamon and
  2. Estee Lauder Youth Dew Amber Nude – a re-make of a very old fragrance. Heavy amber, peppery carnation and ‘bare skin accord’ make for a sensual cold-weather, snuggling-on-the-couch kinda scent.
  3. Lancome La Collection Cuir de Lancome – Another old scent…sort of. Lancome re-released some of their archived scents and Cuir de Lancome is based off a scent originally released in the 1930s. This leathery scent is warm and ever so slightly smokey, making it feel much like lazing on a leather couch in front of an open fire.
  4. Chanel Coco parfum – Coco was released in 1984 and is not likely to be high up on the ‘must wear’ lists of many girls my age. However, whilst most Gen Y gals fawn over the youthful Coco Mademoiselle; I reach for the older, more classic Coco. This is a big, lusty bouquet of flowers, opulent and yet comforting. It’s strong and stays with you for hours, perfect for a cold winters day.
  5. Balmain Amber Gris – A sweet, comforting scent with rich amber tones and a slight touch of cinnamon and wood. This is an interesting mix of gourmand and oriental notes, it reminds me of Christmas in the traditional (aka white Christmas, not the Australian Christmas) sense. It’s not a very common perfume here in Australia, I like that about it.
  6. Missoni Missoni – There’s something about the mixture of chocolate and orange notes that make me feel very cosy with this perfume. This perfume has really divided scent-lovers’ opinions, some claim it a work of genius whilst others use the term  ’hot mess.’ I’m definitely on the love side, it’s modern, quirky and perfect for a cold weather treat.
  7. The Different Compay Jasmin de Nuit – I only own a small 5ml vial of this but I adore it all the same! A mixture of heady jasmine, amber, spices and woods create an intoxicating and yet soothing scent. It’s a stunning scent, unique enough to hold my interest without being ‘weird’ and it’s, again, not something you’d find on too many people.
  8. Sonoma Scent Studio Vintage Rose –  an amazing boozy, plummy rose that has a definite wine quality to it. There is a slightly smokey, spicey haze to Vintage Rose which makes the whole effect heady and rich. This is most definitely a winter scent, with its warm sandalwood and cedar base. It clings to the skin for hours, apply it with a light hand.
  9. Lancome La Collection Magie – Another older scent that was re-released by Lancome. This is a classic floral, heavy on the aldehydes and not for those who don’t appreciate a little vintage flair in their perfume. It smells old, but in a good way – it’s rich, full of lush rose and jasmine with a touch of violet. It’s a powerhouse, way too strong for the hot weather but it just blooms in winter.
  10. Prada Prada– I hated this fragrance when it first came out in the mid 2000s but now it adore it. As with several fragrances listed here it’s heavy on the amber and mixed with a refreshing yet bitter citrus, florals and a dash of patchouli. Modern, yet not really in line with the current market’s trends, Prada is understated, elegant and comforting. Perfect for an evening out in winter, best worn with a dress coat and gloves.

While I’m unlikely to stick to just 10 scents for the next three months I am going to be wearing each of these quite a bit! Hopefully this list has given you a few ideas to what you might enjoy in the cooler months but I’d also love to hear from you!

What scents do you gravitate towards in winter? Any favourites you’d like to share?