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Top 10 Summer Scents

Top 10 Summer Scents :

Melbourne has been very hot the last week, for longer stretches than normal. The summers here are cyclical: a few lovely warm days, followed by a few hot days, followed by a day or two of unbearable heat, followed by a thunderstorm and two days of overcast coolness and then it starts all over again. The stretches have been longer than normal this summer, with the heat building and building much closer to what you would normally experience in Sydney or northern NSW.In these days I still wear perfume, although my normal heavy florals, orientals and creamy vanilla scents are packed away. Last year I shared my Top 10 Summer Scents and I thought I would revise the list . The Stayers from last year:
L’Occitane Verbena – I only wear this simple lemon scent on the hottest days of summer. Where its simplicity generally fails to pique my interest, on these hot days it’s like a tall glass of fresh lemon water – quenching and cooling. Perfect for: Chilling out in front of the air-conditioning
Annick Goutal Les Nuits d’Hadrien – acquired last summer and from one of my favourite brands, this unisex aromatic citrus is a nice change from the straight, one-note lemon scents like Lemon Verbena. I enjoy the mixture of fresh, zesty citrus with basil, light woods, cumin, patchouli and sandalwood. Perfect for: a relaxed BBQ with friends.
Thierry Mugler Angel Eau de Star – Cucumber and chocolate…it smells so much better than it sounds. Refreshing, enticing and confusing all at the same time. I’ve said so much on this one already – read the Eau de Star review for more info. Perfect for:  Pimms on the balcony
Parfums de Nicolai Fig Tea – I loved my sample of this so much last summer that I sprung for a full bottle this year. Crisp figgy goodness and dry tea make for an amazing summer combo – read the Fig Tea review for more info. Perfect for:  a drive down the Great Ocean road
Badgley Mischka original perfume – his remains my favourite scent for a balmy summers eve – the mixture of hothouse florals and stewed fruits begs to be sprayed on sweaty summer skin. It works best at night, when the temperature has dropped enough so that it wont give you a headache. Perfect for: summer night-time cocktails New comers:
Marc Jacobs Splash in Fig – another fig scent for my summer list! This fig and cypress scent is the perfect mixture of sweet, juicy fig and woods. It’s a light scent, but has enough personality to keep my interested. Fig Splash is definitely unisex, so feel free to share it with the boys and it’s a cologne so spritz with abandon. The bottles on the MJ Splash range are HUGE (a whopping 300ml) so it’s best used at home, as your cute summer bag wont fit this one easily. Perfect for: entertaining at home .
Estee Lauder Emerald Dream – to be upfront I really don’t know why I like this scent so much. It’s a fruity-aqua scent, which from an initial standpoint means I should avoid it like the plague. Yet, after smelling a bottle at a discount perfume place, I bought it and have worked my way through a fifth of the bottle this summer. The notes list is long and filled with varying fruits, flowers and silly summer-scent notes like ‘beach skin accord’ but despite all that I find this crisp, cucumber-y scent revitalising on hot days. The sweet apricot and white floral opening is uplifting and the oh-so fleeting hint of woods in the base is a nice finishing touch. Perfect for: a resort holiday
Hermes Hermessence Vanille Galante – Vanilla scents are normally kept for only the coolest days of summer when a reprieve from the heat means I can reach for my more indulgent scents. Yet Vanille Galante works beautifully in the warm weather, it blossoms on the skin into a sweet yet relaxed scent perfect for a balmy day. This may be because Vanille Galante is not what you would expect from a vanilla scent. In fact, the vanilla component adds little more than a gentle creaminess to the other notes, soft flowers like lily and orchid are really the starring feature. Perfect for: a picnic at the Botanical Gardens
Ava Luxe Madonna Lily – Normally this would be on my ‘spring’ list yet I’ve worn this scent repeatedly through summer! Whereas some lilies overwhelm in the heat with their intoxicating beauty, Madonna Lily is lighter and fresher than most. You can practically smell the dew-drenched stalks of the lily, it adds a wonderful green aspect to this scent and makes it perfect for the warmer weather. An excellent choice for when you’ve had your fill of citrus, aqua and ‘fresh’ scents. Perfect for: a girl’s day out
Jo Malone Wild Bluebell – Wildbluebell has definitely been a summer companion this year! The mixture of soft florals, cucumber and water notes make it crisp and refreshing. It has a damp green quality, a shadowy and ethereal quietness that makes it the perfect escape from the crowded summer beaches and parks. Wear it and escape to a cool, deserted haven. Perfect for: staying in with a stack of novels What are your favourite summer scents?