too faced lockdown cream eyeshadows – swatches and review

Hi girls ,  here is my review of  too faced lockdown cream eyeshadows  with swatches .too faced lockdown cream eyeshadows

I am addicted to cream eyeshadows. I love to wear tham as a base under powder shadows or alone on the lid. Cream eyesahdows used to be so crapola, greasy and creasy. Then suddenly there was a whole range of amazing products available that don’t budge and come in heaps of shades and prices.

My newest find- Too Faced Lockdown Ultimate Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow. They’re made with the same stuff that goes into their shadow insureance eye primer so it’s made to last!
I have-
Bedroom Eyes (shimmering taupe)
Bondage (Shimmering ivory champagne)
Jailbait (shimmering pale pink)
Packaging- Fantastic. Each tube is s different colour corresponding to the shade so it’s easy to pick which is which. I like the idea of a tube compared to a jar/pot for the reduced germ factor. The tip of the tube is quite fine so you never squeeze out more than you need.
too faced lockdown  swatches
Application- These are more fluid in texture compared to products like MAC paint pots & benefit creaseless shadow liners. I applied it on my lid with my MAC 275 medium angled shading brush and it worked a treat. These cream shadows dry quickly and don’t budge! I’ve had jailbait on all day and it’s lasted well. If you’re not into shimmery products then you might want to skip right by these.
too faced lockdown cream eyeshadow swatches
Price- $35.95 from kit cosmetics
Or cheaper (as always!) from overseas- US$18.50 I believe.
The verdict- I’m a fan!
My favorite here is bondage worn with MAC sweet sienna pigment.