Too Faced Lashlight Mascara review

My review of Too Faced: Lashlight Mascara

Two words come to mind.. FRIGGIN’ AWESOME!Too Faced Lash Light mascara
This little find is so cool because one side of the mascara has a mirror and there are lights in the wand, perfect for on the go application!Too Faced Lash Light mascara photoToo Faced Lash Light mascara reviewsLash Light mascara review
I’m not gonna lie to you, the actual effect of the mascara is nothing to write home about for a hefty £16.50. Sure, it gives separation without clumps but sometimes it’s so ‘natural’ that I can’t even tell that it’s there- not in a good way! However, if you feel like giving it a go purely for the novelty factor and you’re prepared to pay the price for pretty much a mirror and a light, what have you got to lose?Too Faced Lash Light mascara lashes