Tony Moly Expert Triple BB Cream Review and Swatches

Hi pretties here is my Tony Moly Expert Triple BB Cream Review and Swatches!

A tri-functional cosmetic (whitening + wrinkle care + protection against UV rays). Red ginseng extract helps regenerate the fibroblast and aggrandize the skin’s immunizing functions. Organic lavender extract boosts to restore the damaged skin and β-Glucan substance protects the Langerhans cell in skin, which gets easily deteriorated by UV rays.

Oh, well, that clears it up. God knows my skin’s immunizing functions need a little aggrandizing every now and then.

Um. I’m a bit out of my depth here. Super-popular in Asia and now a cult beauty blogger item, my understanding is that BB creams are a multipurpose base product, combining a moisturiser, foundation and sunscreen (and sometimes skincare functions) in one completely indecipherable tube. I picked up Tony Moly Expert Triple BB Cream from a small Asian cosmetics store for about $24.95 AUD/50mL, pretty much out of curiosity.


Tony Moly Expert Triple BB Cream is packaged in a white plastic tube with an easy-to-control airless pump. The cream has a super-thick, lush texture and a vaguely powdery-cosmetic scent. It’s a pale pink-toned beige (see comparison swatches below) with a slight grey cast (apparently this a common problem with BB creams). As far as I know, it only comes in one colour, but I’m the last person you should trust for correct information.

The cream provides a good, honest medium coverage (way more than a tinted moisturiser). I always set it with a finishing powder, because it doesn’t ever dry down completely, but instead leaves a sadly smudgeable satin finish if left to its own devices. Even set in this way, I think it looks natural and lasts for the majority of the day.

2-Tony-Moly-Expert-Triple-BB-Cream-Review 3-Expert-Triple-BB-Cream-by-Tony-Moly 4-Tony-Moly-Expert-Triple-BB-Cream-Swatches

 A note about the claimed SPF 45+: As far as I can see on the box and tube, Tony MolyExpert Triple BB Cream doesn’t have an Austl number, which would indicate that the product isn’t approved by the TGA, so its sun protection claims are unsubstantiated in Australia. I might be totally blanking on the number, though, because I only recently learned about this issue from Tina at Chasing Elixir (who is in the middle of an informative series of posts on a range of BB creams) so I’m not 100% sure what I’m looking for. How unhelpful of me.

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