To Much Glitter


To Much Glitter1

So here are my glitter covered nails. I think they are over the top, tacky and slightly ugly … but i love them. Every body notices them, every body asks you about them and they do make you feel slightly glamourous. And its so simple to do.
I simply applied a grey, neutral colour to my nails, applied a top coat and poured the nail glitter on to the nail making sure i covered all the nail area so there are no gaps. If need be i would apply more. Then with an old, but very soft make up brush, i brushed the glitter of my skin. When pouring the glitter back into the pot, i do recommend having a folded piece of paper underneath so you can pour back all the remaining glitter and to cause less mess. Do all the nails and then i applied a glitter topcoat to get different textures of glitter (Optional), then a top coat. Remember to really topcoat the edges of your nails so the glitter doesn’t break off. You will be very surprised as to how well it stays on the nails and does actually look good.
I hope you enjoy this and let me know if you like the new layout of my pictures of just one hand, where as i usually have both hands in the picture. Also i added a closer up picture so you could see the glitter better.

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