Tips to Take Your Style Game to the Next Level

As you grow older and get busier with life, you’ll find keeping up with the most recent trends a bit more difficult, especially given the fact that a new one emerges every second. Luckily, you don’t always have to keep up. If you have your own personal style figured out, you can pretty much not worry about having to know about the latest all the time. All you need to do is to sneak a peek every now and then just to, you know, make sure your closet is still up to date. If you find you personal style becoming a little boring, though, you may need to get back in the game and up the ante. Here are some tips to take your style game to the next level.

  • CINCH YOUR WAIST – the oversized trend is pretty and all but cinching your waist and revealing more curves and shape can lead to a more stylish and more polished-looking outfit.

cinched waist cardigan cocoon

cinched waist top cinched waist trench coat

  • SPICE IT UP WITH LEOPARD PRINT – the leopard print is a fall and winter staple print but don’t let that limit your use of it. If you ever find any outfit too plain or too boring, inject a pop of leopard print in there and see how the exotic print instantly livens up the look.

leopard print scarf leopard print purse leopard print coat

  • WEAR VARIED TEXTURES – playing with texture and mixing and matching different ones can give your outfit more depth and dimension. It’s also a great way to prevent a monochromatic outfit from looking boring.

texture mix leather and knit texture mix denim leather and studs texture lace and knit mix

  • THE YEAR-ROUND TOPPER – think layering is only a great idea during the cold months? Well, think again! Layering is the perfect way to build a more complex outfit and if you want to pull this off during the warmer months, you’ll have to work with lighter fabrics. Looking for the perfect finish to your spring / summer layered look? Go for a vest.

vest denim cropped vest parka outfit vest with unique texture

  • GET INTO THE COLOR BLOCKING TREND – the first time this trend popped up, the fashion authorities came up with all sorts of rules on what colors to mix and match and how to do it but as the trend got more and more popular, the general rule became ‘if it looks good then wear it’ so go ahead and have a little fun!

color block sweater color block tricolor color blocking pink and green

  • THE ULTIMATE GO-TO ACCESSORY – if there’s one accessory worth collecting and stocking up on, it’s the scarf. You just can’t go wrong with accessorizing with a scarf. It can add a pop of color, a different texture or help change the shape of your outfit.

scarf outfit winter scarf floral summer scarf plaid fall

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