Tips to Get Your Skin Ready for the Colder Days Ahead

Just like your fashion / style and makeup looks, you skincare routine should also change with the season. Summer was a great time for our skin as it was the perfect time to go light and easy on the makeup, thus allowing our skin to breathe a little more. Lighter products were also a staple in our vanities and we so loved all those easy to absorb lightweight formulas we’ve been using over these past few months but this season, things are about to change. Here are some tips to get your skin ready for the colder days ahead.

  • KEEP YOUR SPF ON – a common mistake that a lot of women make is limiting their sun protection to the spring and summer months. Wearing SPF is something you should do all year round, even when the sun isn’t brightly shining or when you don’t feel too warm. Keep using products with SPF to give yourself constant protection from the sun.

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  • GET A FACIAL – this is my favorite first step to transitioning my skin care routine from one season to another. Getting a facial not only helps you feel more relaxed, it also helps you understand your skin better. During and after a facial, you’ll get great recommendations for your skin: what products to use, how to cleanse it and what steps to take to make it look better.

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  • MOISTURIZE BETTER – now that the temps are starting to drop, you can expect your skin to look and feel more dried up. This is the reason why you should learn to moisturize more and moisturize better. For this time of the year, heavier moisturizers are better. They’ll seep into your skin slowly while distributing moisture efficiently.

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  • EXFOLIATE REGULARLY – because skin tends to dry up more during the colder seasons, it’s important to get rid of the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin and one way to do that is to exfoliate regularly. You can use an exfoliating cleansing brush like a Clarisonic or you can choose to use products with exfoliants infused in them – your call, really.

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  • DON’T FORGET YOUR HANDS AND YOUR LIPS – it’s so easy to forget about the little things like our hands and our lips when it comes to creating a skincare ritual and routine but if you want to look glowing all over, you really shouldn’t miss these two. For your hands, a thick, moisturizing hand cream is a must and for your lips, non-drying lip products should be a staple in your vanity and your makeup bag.

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