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Tips on getting better brows

HI girls, here is my own Tips on getting better brows :

I’m not on an expert on brows but these days I’m conscious about the brows!Admittedly, I never bothered before until I did my wedding photo-shoot and it made me realize how it awakens to face by drawing in the brows!! The brows frames the eyes nicely.The makeup artist/stylist used the funky Shu Uemura shaven brow pencils, but I wanted something more affordable (since I was experimenting with the colour grey) so I opted Shiseido Integrate Gracy; one of the lower-end of the Shiseido line. I opted grey since black is too dark and harsh on my skin tone and my hair is not dyed brown either.

l-r: Integrate Gracy Brow pencil in Grey 420円;Integrate Gracy Brow mechanical pencil for 660円

Here are the brows from one of post-wedding photo-shoot studio pictures:how to  get perfect eyebrows

The MA/Stylist trimmed my brows from below AND above. I thought she might over do it but she didn’t and it went well with the brow pencil she used.

Sometimes we are human, and we can over-pluck…here’s where I shade in the colour :

eyebrow tips

You should shade in GENTLY so it doesnt look hard against your skintone, I used the double-ended  Integrate Gracy brow brush to blend and shape from inner to outer. Works well!Gracy Integrate Brow Pencil in Grey

Gracy Integrate Brow Pencil in Grey

I also sometimes use brow set by MAC Beguile, although it has a lightening affect on the brows, it shapes it nicely with a dash of brown.

I also bought a cheap, clear mascara gel that can be used on the lashes and brows, for a even more natural look. I prefer usng the bro pencil these days.

I follow these rules:

Don’t over pluck; if you’ve plucked too much, let it grow; pluck on strays
Too arched brows gives a severe, older look to the face
Trim the bottom and above brows to give it shape – it also helps you to pluck less
A cheap alternative is using a dark brown-shade eyeshadow to fill in the brows
Use what works for you – brow powder, pencil or gels!

Such as:Gracy Integrate Brow Pencil in Grey review

I used a MAC e/s here to fix my brows 😛

Hope the info helped…thanks for reading 🙂