Tips for Wearing Miniskirts

Not everyone is confident enough to rock a miniskirt because I know a lot of you out there are afraid that you might end up looking cheap and trashy in one but believe me, everyone (and I mean everyone, you and I included) can wear a miniskirt and look great in it. The secret is in finding the perfect skirt and the right stuff to go with it. When done right, miniskirts can make you look really sexy and classy so it’s important to put a lot of thought into an outfit that involves a miniskirt. If you’re still not sure about how to rock on, check out these useful tips for wearing miniskirts.

  • Find the perfect length – what looks like a cute mini skirt for your 5 feet 10 friend may not be so ‘mini’ for you at 5 feet 3 so it’s important that you actually try miniskirts on first before buying them. Ideally, you’ll want a miniskirt that falls about 4 to 5 inches above the knee. This is the perfect length because it’s short enough to showcase your gorgeous legs yet also long enough to cover your bum.

simple and casual miniskirt outfit

simple but sexy outfit classy miniskirt outfit

  • Shaving is a must – this may seem pretty obvious but a lot of women still forget to do it and head out the door without first running a shaver through their legs. That or they think they can get away with hairy legs. Anyway, it takes less than 5 minutes to smooth out both legs while in the shower so take the time to do it if you plan on wearing a miniskirt for the day.

miniskirt and striped shirt miniskirt and sweater outfit miranda kerr in miniskirt and leopard print outfit

  • Wear elegant shoes – elegant doesn’t always mean expensive shoes. Sometimes, all it takes is to pick out a style that doesn’t look too cheap or trashy. Wearing elegant and classy shoes with your miniskirt will also help give your outfit that chic touch thus preventing it from looking substandard. Remember that it always doesn’t have to be pumps or stilettos, cute flats get the job done just as well.

denim shirt and printed miniskirt full miniskirt in pink miniskirt and ankle boots

  • No über-sexy tops – if you’re already showing off your legs, there’s really no more reason to show off your midriff or your cleavage. Keep your top classy and conservative. You want your legs to be the main focus of the whole outfit. Try not to wear anything that’s too tight or fitted or anything that’s too racy or sexy if you don’t want to cheapen your look.

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