Tips for Wearing Leather to Work

Before you go ahead and get on with reading this post, I want you to take a good look (or at least imagine) your whole work wardrobe. Done? Now, how many leather pieces were in there and what were they? If you’re like most women, I’m betting that majority of the leather piece you have in there aren’t clothes but rather just accessories. Leather isn’t something one would usually wear to work but there are certainly lots of ways you can work around with it and make it office friendly. Check out these tips for wearing leather to work.

  • PROPER FITTING LEATHER PANTS – the thing about leather pants is they are almost always skintight which gives them that very sexy almost sultry look that’s not exactly office-friendly. To make sure that you don’t give off the wrong vibe to your co-workers and your boss, look for leather pants that aren’t too tight and fitted. They don’t have to be baggy, either. As long as you don’t struggle to squeeze yourself into them when you put them on, they’re good.

black leather pants

red sweater and leather pants leather pants for work

  • TRY A MOTO JACKET – if you’re not sure about actually ‘wearing’ something leather to the office all day long, you can always test things out first and see how you like it. You can do this by adding a leather piece such as a moto jacket to your work outfit that you can conveniently take off anytime you want. This will allow you to get more experimental with your look.

cool moto jacket fab leather jacket outfit moto jacket and scarf

  • GO FOR A LEATHER PENCIL SKIRT – we all love a good pencil skirt for the office but why not give it a little more edge by going with leather? A leather pencil skirt is a really great way to add edge to your work wardrobe without making it look too “street style-ish”. It’ll also add just the right hint of sexiness to your whole look.

pencil skirt outfit leather pencil skirt high waisted leather pencil skirt

  • LEATHER BOOTS – this fall, the easiest way to add leather to your work wardrobe is by wearing leather boots, be it ankle boots, knee high boots or whatnot. Leather boots are great because they go well with both pants and skirts which are about the most worn bottoms for the workplace. They also help keep your legs warm.

ankle boots for work ankle shooties for work boots outfit

  • LEATHER ACCESSORIES AND ACCENTS – if you still can’t convince yourself to wear a full on leather piece, be it top or bottom, to work then you can always opt to have little touches of leather throughout your whole outfit instead. A leather belt to break up the monotony of that monochromatic look, a leather handbag, a jacket with leather trim – these are just some of the ways you can add leather to your work outfit without fully committing to it.

leather belt and coat leather bag

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