Tips for Styling Short Hair

Getting your hair cut short may seem scary to some but trust me, as long as you get a style that suits your face, dealing with short hair becomes easier over time. In fact, you may find that short hair is a lot easier to style and maintain compared to longer hair and you might even thank yourself for going for the chop. If you’ve recently cut up your hair or if you’re planning to do so, check out these tips for styling short hair that are guaranteed to make the job easier for you.

  • MAKE FRIENDS WITH ACCESSORIES – now that you have short hair, braids and ponytails (even the half up ones) won’t always be in your options anymore so the next best thing that you can do to dress up your locks is to make use of accessories like clips, bobby pins, headbands and other stuff that you have forgotten about, thanks to those ever-so-handy plain and simple elastics you had when your hair was still long.

accessorized with headband turban

accessorized with a hat

  • GIVE IT SOME TEXTURE – adding texture to your hair or simply changing up its natural texture can give you a really big difference when it comes to looks. Women with short, straight hair should try getting waves or having curls on their hair for a change while naturally wavy / curly ladies should try grabbing a straightening iron to see how they would look like with sleek straight hair.

textured curly short hair textured wavy short hair

  • ADD VOLUME – adding volume to short hair is important so that you hair looks nice and full instead of limp and dull. You can add volume to your hair by using volumizing hair products like shampoo, conditioner and even styling products but you can also achieve more volume by adding texture as stated above. When adding volume, you’ll want to make sure that you get a uniformed all over fullness.

voluminous hair voluminous blonde hair

  • GO EASY ON STYLING PRODUCTS – having less hair means you’ll need less product so go easy and use the right amount. This will help you avoid having too much buildup on your hair and it will also make styling a lot easier (yep, dealing with excess product isn’t as easy as you think).

short hair cute short hairstyle

  • ADD BANGS – to a newbie in the world of bangs and fringes, they may seem more trouble than they’re worth but they’re actually not. Bangs are great for adding more detail to short hairstyles and therefore making them look more interesting. Get them cut in so that they frame your face nicely. You can always pin them back if you want them out of the way on certain days.

bangs and short hair bangs on short hair

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