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Tips for Midday Touch-ups

Don’t you just hate it when you have your makeup on in the morning, all perfect and on point, and then you look in the mirror midday and see nothing but a hot mess? No matter how much time you spend in front of that mirror, you’re still bound to get your makeup looking a little less flawless than it was in the morning before you headed out, thanks to sweat and dust and all other things that make your makeup look dull and daffy. Knowing this, it’s important to always have essential stuff in your purse so you can touch up anytime and keep that perfect look. Of course, you can’t just pile on more products aimlessly, hoping that it fixes everything. Here are a few tips for midday touch-ups that you should remember.

  • Before anything else, blot – adding more products to an already oily face will just make everything cake up and look not-so-pleasant so make sure to blot before you do anything else to fix your makeup. Blotting papers are cheap and they come in small packs so they fit perfectly even in your tiniest purse so there shouldn’t be an excuse for you not to have some all the time. In case you’re all out of blotting paper, though, you can also use tissue paper to blot.

blottng oil away

matte makeup look matte look

  • Conceal – if you notice that some of your blemishes or some redness are starting to peep through, cover it up with a little bit of concealer. Dab some products on and tap and blend with your (clean) fingers. Remember than a little goes a long way with concealers when it comes to just touching up so try not to be too generous.

concealer touch up perfectly concealed skin blemish fress skin

  • DO NOT touch up mascara – eyes starting to look drowsy and sleepy? The first thought that might come to mind is to pile on more mascara to open up your eyes but DO NOT DO IT. Adding fresh mascara to dry one will just make a clumpy mess. Instead, use white eye liner on your lower waterline and the inner corner of your eyes and grab your gel line and start to tight line. This will give your eyes a more awake and fresh look.

how to tightline your eyes signature tightined looktightlined and kohl rimmed eyes tight lined eyes

  • Highlight more – if you notice that your skin is starting to look a little dull around midday, simply take your highlighter and dab some on the apples of your cheeks and other areas where you would normally highlight. This will give you a fresh glow and will make you look more alive and radiant.

radiant glow dewy fresh skin highlight and blush combo fresh youthful glow

  • Bring on the bright lips – another really good way to liven up your look once it starts to become dull by midday is to touch up your lip color. If you were originally wearing nude, try swapping it with that bright red lipstick you have in your purse and see how much more refreshed you will look.

red lips pink lipstick bright coral lips