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Tips for Maximizing Face Masks’ Effectiveness

Every once in a while we like to pamper ourselves, be it at the spa, salon or right at home. Sometimes, when you’re on a budget or you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, having something that you can do yourself is all that you need to get your stress levels down. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to pamper yourself and give your skin some extra lovin’ is to do face masks. Homemade masks are great and all but when you need that extra moisture or when you have skin issues you need to deal with, you might want to consider using commercial masks because they have ingredients that are really effective in helping your skin out. Aside from what’s in your mask, how you use it also matters and doing it right will assure you of the best results. Here are some tips for maximizing face masks’ effectiveness.

  • Cleanse before you mask – facial masks tend to work best when no dirt or oil is on the surface of the skin so make sure you cleanse before you put that face mask on. It would also help greatly if you could gently exfoliate your face before you put a face mask on so your pores can get unclogged and opened up a little bit and soak the nutrients from the face mask in.

wash face before mask

green face mask

peeling the face mask

  • Read the label – unless you’ve stuck with the same face mask for years, reading instructions is really important because all face masks are not the same. Some masks are meant to be applied on dry skin while some require you to wet your skin before you put them on. Another good reason to read labels is to see whether the mask has ingredients that your skin might not agree with or is allergic to.

reading the labels

lush face mask label

  • Follow the time – one really great thing about face masks is that you can do other relaxing and pampering stuff while you wait for it to work its magic and dry but don’t forget to set your timer because you might forget to take it off after the recommended time and taking it off after the recommended time is necessary. This is especially true for non-sheet masks because they tend to irritate the skin when they get too dry and hard.

waiting for the mask to dry dried cracking face mask

  • Even it out – if you’re not using a sheet mask, things can get a bit messy and uneven and that’s never a good thing. I used to apply those sticky, creamy masks with my fingers but I find that I can never get it on evenly so I searched for options and found a really cheap solution: cosmetic spatulas. They’re said to be made to help you scoop out products from jars so you can get the last bit but, hey, it works for applying masks so why not, right? They even work better than a brush because less product gets left on it and more goes to your skin. For smaller areas like the sides of your nose, you can use popsicle sticks.

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