Tips for Making the Jumpsuit Work for Every GIrl

If you’ve kept a close watch on the hottest and biggest trends this year, you know that jumpsuits are one of them. Some people say only tall girls can pull off jumpsuits while other say anyone can do it. We’re with the latter. Some body types and figures may find it more challenging to pull off a jumpsuit more than others but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to work. Here are some tips for making the jumpsuit work for every girl.

  • FOR TALL WOMEN – tall ladies are lucky because they can get away with just about any cut and color when it comes to a jumpsuit. The only thing you should remember now is that you should aim for a balanced outfit and silhouette. A loose top requires a tighter bottom and vice versa. A plain jumpsuit calls for bold and loud accessories while an eye-catching one should be accessorized minimally.

tall girl jumpsuit outfit

tall girl perfect jumpsuit

  • FOR CURVY DIVAS – if you think your curves are a hindrance for you in pulling off a jumpsuit, think again! The key to making a jumpsuit work when you have curve-a-licious figure is to accessorize and choose your colors and prints wisely. Pastel colors may be in for winter now but we all know darker colors are more flattering. If you ever decide to go with a printed one, choose a jumpsuit that features small prints like flowers and polka dots.

curvy girl belted jumpsuit curvy girl black jumpsuit

  • FOR THE GIRL WHO’S ONE OF THE BOYS – flirty, dainty and girly stuff not your thing? That’s okay. You can still pull off a jumpsuit without looking totally sweet nor too sexy. Long-sleeved jumpsuits will have you pretty covered up, if that’s what you’re looking for. You can also finish up with sporty accessories like a baseball cap, sneakers or maybe even a rucksack if you’re looking into getting some of that boyish athletic vibe into your look.

tomboy chic utilitarian look tomboy military jumpsuit outfit

  • FOR PETITE GIRLS – contrary to what most women think, a jumpsuit can actually be very flattering on petite girls. Get your jumpsuit altered if you must so you can get it to fit right. Choose one solid color and wear it from head to toe – this can have an elongating effect to make you look taller.

petite jumpsuit with blazer petite red jumpsuit

  • FOR THE FANCY AND POSH LADIES – love dressing up and looking posh? How about ditching your LBD for a while and wearing something more edgy and sexy like a jumpsuit? The key to making a jumpsuit look less casual is in the fabric and cut. Accessorizing is important, too. Dainty jewelry and strappy heels can really make your jumpsuit look like a million bucks.

fancy party jumpsuit fancy jumpsuit outfit

  • FOR THE CASUAL CHICK – lastly, if you’re someone who prefers casual and street style looks all the time, look for comfy jumpsuits. Drawstring jumpsuits are perfect for any day and any time, be it for running errands or grabbing a bite with your girl friends. ]

casual look casual jumpsuit outfit

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