Tips for Getting the Perfect Cat Eye Liner Look

The cat eye liner look was a big trend back in the 80s and we love how it still looks super chic and gorgeous today! In fact, a lot of stars have the cat eye liner look incorporated in either their everyday makeup looks or their signature makeup looks. One of the best cat eye liner looks that I’ve seen so far is that of Lauren Conrad. I love how she does her cat eye liner look. it’s not too bold or too strong and it’s perfect for everyday wear. Getting the perfect cat eye using your liner is not very easy at first but if you practice long and hard enough, you’ll eventually be a master of the look and will be able to do it in a jiffy. Meanwhile, to get you started, here are some tips for getting the perfect cat eye liner look.

  • Practice with pencil – the best eyeliners to use for doing a cat eye are gel and liquid liners because they give off intense pigmentation  but while you’re trying to get your hands used to the shape of the cat eye, do it with pencil. Make sure you use a pencil liner that’s smooth and creamy enough to glide on easily so that your hands get used to the movement. Once you’re confident about your hand’s cat eye shaping skills, move on to using either gel or liquid liner.

thick cat eye

wing tip liner

  • Do it gradually – the perfect cat eye liner isn’t made up of just one straight streak from your eyeliner. Even the best makeup artist out there does their cat eye gradually with short lines and sometimes even dots. You can do the same trick and do small dots or dashes on the inner corner of your eye, the center, the outer corner and the part where you want the cat eye’s ‘flick’ to be. Once you’ve placed these as your guide, start connecting them to create on straight line. It’s much easier than trying to do one long continuous line.

basic cat eye look cat eye and glitter

  • The triangle trick – the triangle trick is one of the most effective ways to get a more intense cat eye liner look. Do this trick if you want your cat eye look’s flick to be a lot thicker than usual. To get the look, do the regular cat eye and then after you do the tail or the flick, connect it near your natural lash line to form a triangle. Fill the triangle in and you have a thicker, more dramatic cat eye liner look.

cat eye for asian eyes perfect cat eye liner look

  • Do a sticky tape guide – another trick that never fails is using a sticky tape as your guide. This is especially helpful if you can’t seem to do similar cat eye looks on both eyes, put a sticky tape by the outer corner of your eyes and use this to guide your hand into making the perfect flick. Don’t worry about being messy, you’ll be removing the tape afterwards anyway.

simple cat eye look strong cat eye look

What’s your favorite trick in creating the perfect cat eye liner look? Share your tips with us below! We’d love to add a good trick or two to our book!


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