Tips for Getting the Perfect Brows

Your brows can make or break your look. No matter how perfect your hair and makeup is, if you haven’t groomed your brows, you’ll notice that something will seem a bit off about your look and sometimes you won’t even be able to tell what it is! Many women take grooming, shaping and maintaining their brows for granted. This could be because the whole process takes up quite a bit of time. It could also be because most women are afraid of touching their brows and doing anything to it because they don’t really know how to go about it. Though you can always have your brows done by a pro, regular brow sessions can get pretty expensive. Check out these tips for getting the perfect brows without having to spend a ton of money.

  • Avoid power tweezing – tweezing is one of the most popular ways to groom your brows, shape them and get rid of all the ‘excess’ hair that makes them look bushy. It may be painful at first but you do get used to the feeling of your brows being plucked after a while. The results you get from plucking your brows with tweezers last longer compared to other methods. Once you get to the feeling of your brows being tweezed, it’s easy to overdo it. Do your best not to give in to power tweezing. It might damage your brows and make them stop growing.

light brow makeup

groomed and shaped brows

  • Refer to a visual guide – no idea where your eyebrows should start, peak and end? Well, thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, you now get to see a visual guide of how makeup artists actually ‘draw’ brows. Check out this fool-proof guide picture of how to shape your brows.

brow shaping guide simple brow guide

  • Turn to makeup – makeup isn’t just for the eyes, lips and face, there’s makeup for the brows too! if you have naturally well-groomed brows and you want them to look perfect, there’s really not much to do but fill them in so they get that perfect shape. Brow gels, brow powder and brow tints are just some of the makeup products made especially for filling in the brows to get the shape that you desire. Look into buying these products and see which one works best for you.

brow makeup process bold brow look

  • Do it slowly – if you decide to do your brows for the first time, don’t go all out! Do the process slowly and stop every now and then, step back and take a look at the mirror to see how far you’ve come. Sometimes, when it’s your first time, you tend to just go on and on until you come to a point where your brows are too thin or too sparse. You can prevent this by doing it slowly.

bushy bold brows dark brow look

  • Turn to a pro – if you’ve tried your best and it turned out into a disaster, relax. There’s always a solution to every beauty problem. When all else fails, turn to a pro. Let them do the work for you. Some of the services you can get done for your brows that are better off left to the pros include brow waxing and brow threading. It may cost more but you’ll know it’s worth it when those brows start to beautifully frame your face.

perfectly done brows sexy bold brows


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