Tips for Getting the Perfect Brows

You brows may not take up much space on your face but it’s something you shouldn’t forget about them when doing your makeup. In fact, you shouldn’t neglect your brows even if you don’t feel like doing your makeup for the day. Your brows’ purpose is to frame your face so making sure that they always look great is an important job that you have to do. Check out these tips for getting the perfect brows.

  • TAKE A CLASS IF YOU MUST – yes, there are workshops and master classes for those who want to learn how they can make their brows look great and keep it that way. Search for a makeup workshop in your area or those nearby that specialize in brows. This is a one-time expense that is most definitely worth it.

strong brows high arch kendall jenner brows on fleek

  • STICK TO YOUR NATURAL SHAPE – your brows are shaped like that for a reason and that reason is because that is probably the best shape to complement your facial features and frame your whole face. Unless you strongly feel and think that your brow shape doesn’t look good on you, stick to the natural shape of your brows instead of transforming them into something different.

perfect brows

  • MAINTAIN THEM – brow maintenance is easy if you do it often. Pluck stray hairs as soon as you see them and trim them down when you notice your brows getting a little too long or too bushy for your liking. Remember to do this only when needed. Over plucking is a big no-no when it comes to brow care.

clean brows perfect shape

  • COMPLETE YOUR KIT – your brow kit should have at least the very basic items for achieving the perfect brows. These basics include a pair of tweezers, brow scissors, brow brush / spoolie, a magnified mirror and your brow products which can be an assortment of brow gels, powders, creams and even tints and pens. Having a complete kit will make it easier for you to keep your brows looking perfect all the time.

cara delevingne strong brows

  • MATCH YOUR BROWS WITH YOUR HAIR – they don’t need to be the same shade (they never need to be the same shade). Your eyebrows should be at least a shade or two lighter or darker that your hair color to make them look as natural as can be.

natural looking brows

  • LEARN HOW TO LINE AND FILL – this is the simplest, most basic way to make your brows look good and stand out. Use a brow pencil to line your brows and create an outline to act as your guide then fill in the outline you’ve created using brow cream or powder and finally, brush with some brow gel to keep the products in place and your brows tamed.

light blonde hair and brown brows

  • HIGHLIGHT WITH A CONCEALER – make your brows stand out by applying a bit of concealer around its edges. This will make your brows pop and appear cleaner and sharper.

amanda seyfried brows

  • INSTANT EYE LIFT – eyes looking a little droopy today? Deposit a little bit more color on the arch of your brows to make them look higher without actually changing your brow shape. This will also lift the eyes and make them look more lively and awake.

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