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Tips for Curling Your Hair on Your Own

Curls are always one of the best ways to go if you want to add a nice romantic touch to your look. If you have straight hair, I’m pretty sure curls are one of the first things that come to your mind when you think of sprucing up your look is to go for curls. Getting some big and bouncy curls on your hair may seem easy but keeping them from looking drab after a full day can be quite a challenge, especially if you have extra fine, pin straight hair. Thankfully, there are a few couple tips and tricks that you can do to make your curls last longer and look better, too! Check out our tips for curling your hair on your own right in the comfort of your very own and ending up with salon-perfect curls.

  • Never forget to use heat protectant – heat protectant may not help form better curls or make them last longer but it will protect your hair from the heat that is being emitted by your styling tool and without it, your hair is being exposed to very high temperatures which can fry it up and dry it up and damage it and we all know dry hair cannot be concealed with styling. Just spritz on your hair protectant before you expose your hair to heat. It won’t take a minute but it will give your hair long-time protection.

big messy curls

loose retro curls

  • Invest in a good curling tool – there are lots of curling tools out there and it’s certainly tempting to just get the cheapest one since they all do the same thing anyway but don’t! Avoid buying cheap curling irons that are made of chrome. Those are the kinds that will burn your hair and damage it. Instead, invest in a good one that’s made either of ceramic or titanium. These distribute hair more evenly so a once over is often enough which means less heat exposure for your hair.

big volume and curls perfect long curls

  • Curl in manageable sections – sometimes when you’re in a rush to get your hair curled, you tend to grab more hair than your tool can handle and you end up with sloppy and uneven curls so you end up spending more time fixing it as well. Always curl your hair in manageable sections. This is more effective and efficient and it will ensure you of beautiful curls every time.

gorgeous blonde curls short curled hair

  • Give your hair a bit of texture – if you have fine, straight hair, you might find that curls don’t hold for very long no matter how much hairspray you use. The solution? Texturize! Give your hair a bit of texture by scrunching it up, back combing or just simply using texturizing spray. Texture helps your hair hold curls for longer so they can last all day.

hard to curl hair texturized hair with curls

  • Finish off with hairspray – if you want your curls to last all day, make sure you don’t skip out on using hairspray. Normal hold hairspray is fine if you don’t need your curls to last all day but if you do, use extra strong hold hairspray instead.

jessica alba loose curl