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Tips for Creating a Sexy Smoky Eye

The smoky eye is one of the most popular eye makeup looks that women create and sport. Many women like going heavy and really smoky on this eye makeup look while others prefer to use more earth-toned shades. Whichever one you like better, one thing remains the same and that is the fact that this eye makeup look uses up way more darker colors than your everyday ordinary eye makeup. Some will say that the smoky eye is a night time look but others are able to pull it off during the day. I think the key to wearing a smoky is to make sure that it is done right. Here are some tips for creating a sexy smoky eye that you can wear any time of the day.

  • Eye makeup first – the smoky eye will require the use of lots of dark eye shadows and if you’re using powder and / or loose pigments for this look, chances are that there will be fallouts that you’ll need to deal with. Doing your eye makeup first lets you not worry about messing up the rest of your makeup when dark colors do fall out because you can simply wipe your face clean before starting on the rest of your face.

kohl rimmed smoky eye

smokey eye makeup look

  • Use a Q-tip with moisturizer to erase mistakes – messed up on blending and accidentally brought the dark colors all the way out? No worries, just put a little bit of moisturizer on a Q-tip and use that to clean up any mess or erase any mistakes.

full blast smoky eye beautiful smoky eye look

  • Blend it, girl – just because your smoky eye look uses dark colors of almost the same shades does not mean you can get away with not blending it. Blending out your shadow will give your smoky eye that nice, sultry ‘smoked out’ effect which is what you want. Blend with each color that you use. If you can, use separate blending brushes for blending out different colors to avoid your smoky eye from looking muddy. If you only have one blending brush, you can spot clean it instead before using on another color.

blending the smoky eye gradient smoky eye perfect clean smoky eye

  • Start with a little and build – one of the most common mistakes I see women make when doing a smoky eye is that they pack a lot of the dark colors on immediately when they start and then they blend from there and end up with raccoon eyes. You can avoid this by starting with a little bit of color on and then blending it out to diffuse the color, adding more ONLY when need.

earthy smoky eye blended smoky eye fresh smoky eye look

  • Never forgo eyeliner – some women think they can skip on the eye liner just because they already have dark colors on their eyes but adding eye liner makes so much of a difference so never skip it. Eye liner will give your eyes more definition and will make the smoky eye look better in general.

smoked out shadows light smoky eye daytime smoky eye

  • Highlight with shimmery colors – highlighting is done to make brighten up the eye when sporting a dark and heavy look like the smoky eye. Highlight your brow bone with a slightly shimmery highlight powder then dab a little bit on the inner corner of the eyes as well. This will keep your look fresh.

smoky eye highlight gold highlight on inner corners brown smoky eye with highlight