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Usually it’s Topshop which bears the brunt of my retail therapy, but this week I made the mistake of ‘popping into Boots’ to pick up some mouthwash after I finished my shift. Queue the hour long excited browsing, endless indecision and eventual OH FINE I’LL JUST GET IT ALL.
here is it , my Boots beauty haul :Boots-Haul
Yep I picked up my mouthwash, and I also happened to remember that I needed some hand soap. That’s where things started to go downhill. I spotted that this Vanilla and Raspberry Original Source handwash was half price, so after I’d picked that up, I couldn’t resist having a scout around for a couple of other bargains.
The first thing which miraculously made its way into my basket was the L’Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution. I ran out of Bioderma a couple of weeks ago, but unfortunately the £15 price tag and my student budget just don’t work well together, so I had to forget about replacing it. Yes I KNOW they’re not good for your skin, but I’m the laziest person ever and they’re just so damn easy. So far, I’m LOVING this – it’s great and taking make up off and I think it’s actually less drying than Bioderma. For a fiver you cannot go wrong really.
I remembered that I’d ran out of moisturiser that morning, so I also bagged myself a new tube of my favourite Oilatum Natural Repair. This stuff is definitely worth a try if you suffer from dry skin like I do – I’ve been using it for a good couple of years now and have no complaints. It’s also great if you’re a bit on the sensitive side as it’s got no perfume nonsense in it.
Seeing as I was getting those two, I thought I may as well take advantage of Boots’ dangerous 3 for 2 offer. The only thing which really caught my eye was the Dr Jart BB cream which I’ve noticed so many of my favourite beauty bloggers raving about. I wanted something for much lighter coverage than my usual foundation for me to take travelling, and this definitely fits the bill. It has a really beautiful dewy finish, perfects the skin just enough to still look totally natural and is really quick and easy to slap on.