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The White Company Noir Hand Cream Review

Hey Beauties,
I’ve been trying out The White Company’s Noir Hand Cream and it’s not what I was expecting…

First impressions is that it’s a lovely bottle to have on display for visitors to see you like a little something fancy but I didn’t think the actual cream would be hydrating enough for me before I used it.  I was expecting it to feel either watery or oily but I was wrong on both accounts!



The texture is actually really rather lovely.  It’s nice and thick but not greasy and it really sinks in fast but doesn’t leave me needing more.  My hands felt moisturized for ages after application and I was very pleasantly surprised!  Definitely a winner on the moisture front.

As for the scent, it’s a lovely exotic sophisticated floral that is warm and quite appropriate for the time of year.  I guess that must be the amber?  The mandarin lends a certain fruity sweetness which I really like as it stops it from being mumsy.

Also, the bottle is huge at 300ml which I think is pretty substantial.  I think it would make a great gift and I might do a little mix and match of the Noir and Blanc hand cream and wash for Christmas pressies…