The Ultimate Guide to Women’s Oxfords

For more than 200 years, the oxford shoe had been known as the shoe worn by young male college students. Originated in Oxford, England, oxford shoes were designed as a variation on the “Oxonian”, a type of low-slung boot with slits in the side that was very popular at Oxford University. Most styles of oxfords are practical and classy, but now made chic and feminine suited for modern women.

Pick a pair of oxfords that flatter your personality.

architectural outfit with oxfords

sporty chic outfit with oxfords and socks oxfords with preppy outfit military outfit with brooches and oxfords

Oxfords provide personality and comfort that will look appropriate for work, casual wear, or play. The typical Oxfords have a multi-piece upper with designs of small perforations called “broguing”, and have a closed-toe design. Though it normally fastened with lacings, and has a very low or flat heel, women’s oxfords nowadays come in high-heeled versions that look a lot sexier and feminine. You may still go for details like tassels on laces, colored stitching, open, square, or pointed toes for an added edge. The great thing is a high-quality pair of oxfords can be worn without looking dated for years to come.

Make your office outfits modern and creative with a pair of oxfords.

cap toe oxfords with office outfit vest with white dress and nude oxfords tulip skirt with oxfords printed dress and trench coat with oxfords

One of the best ways to wear them in the business environment is to pair them with a more masculine outfit, such as fitted pants and a blazer which will resemble the borrowed-from-boys look. Just avoid thick soles and squared edges that can look unbalanced and just plain clunky, and stick with classic looks in a modern, lightweight design. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, complement your dress vest with a pair of oxfords, or look more feminine in a tulip skirt teamed with a black top like Nicole Warne did. Just create a balance between the feminine and the masculine with fine jewelry, chic blouse, or a flirty scarf with floral prints.

Add some edge to your casual street style with oxfords.

borrowed from boys outfit studded oxfords with edgy outfit edgy oxfords with bomber jacket and skinny jeans chic blazer with denim shorts and oxfords

Much of what makes today’s oxfords so distinctive is how far designers consistently go to make this once-considered boring “old man’s shoe” into a women’s fashion statement. With their low heels and closed construction, oxfords were originally designed for comfort that can be a perfect alternative to your sneakers and ballet flats on your casual weekends. You may also create a surprising, unique look with high heeled oxfords or even ones with crystals, embellishments, and glitters that look fashion-forward and hip.

Make a fashion statement with modern oxfords.

red oxford shoes with denim jeans oxford cap toe shoes with chic outfit optical illusion inspired top with metallic cap toe oxfords green oxford and clutch

There is always a new trend happening in the world of oxford shoe fashion, so the options for putting together a great-looking outfit are almost never-ending. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, opt for a pair of oxfords with a slim line and a capped toe that looks modern and chic. Over the years, designers have found an audience that likes the style, but with a kitschy, unique, and colorful twist. You can now go for modern oxfords in brightly colored leather, neon patent leather, bronzes, prints, and mixed colors that will liven up your most basic outfits with a splash of color and loads of personality.

Indeed, oxfords are great for adding some edge and personality to your daily looks, while making you more creative and modern.

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