The Ultimate Guide to Women’s Clogs

Dated back as far as the 1200s, clogs had their beginnings as protective footwear for farmers, factory workers, and fishermen before turning into a fashion staple. Originally characterized by closed toes, open heels, and wooden soles, clogs have changed now referred to as any shoe with a platform heel, thick soles, closed toes, and open heels. If you’re wondering how to wear women’s clogs, keep on reading to scoop our tricks.

Pick the perfect fit and flattering pair of clogs for you.

white dress with clogs

vintage outfit with clogs jumpsuit with clogs fall outfit with clogs casual outfit with clogs

Since clogs have an open heel and no strap, it is important that they fit well as if the shoes are too small, the heels will hang out over the edge and be very uncomfortable. On the contrary, if your clogs are too large, feet will move around too much inside and the shoes will easily slip off. That’s why you have to get your perfect shoes size.

Resort to stylish and functional styles of clogs that suit your lifestyle.

striped shift dress with clogs clogs with denim jeans and white top clogs with creative office outfit all black outfit with platform shoes

There are various materials like rubber, leather, wood, and such modern clogs are made of. If you wish to wear your clogs on your casual street style, go for canvas, cotton, hemp, leather, nylon, patent leather, and suede that will flatter your casual outfits. Dressy clogs can have low or high heels, but they tend to have high ones but they may still look clunky. So opt for ones made from leather, patent leather, satin, snakeskin, or suede, as well ones with embellishments like lace or decorative jewels. Professional clogs are not meant to be worn as business attire, though you may opt for them if you’re working in creative offices. For a business look, clogs with darker heels and leather material can be worn with slacks. To create a semi-dressy outfit, wear dark jeans with dressy clogs and a satin shirt that has a belt around the waist.

Dress up your clogs with more sophisticated pieces.

clogs with jeans and trendy top tweed dress with clogs clogs with peplum top clogs with eccentric outfit

Even with nicer materials, clogs are still clunky so they can be difficult to dress up. They are bold and draw attention to themselves that can be great if your outfit that needs some character. Something to keep in mind with clogs is that they can easily make small calves look smaller, so women with petite calves should consider wearing smaller clogs. Clogs are usually worn with bare legs and feet. Like fashion blogger Susie Lau, complement your brightly colored outfit with a pair of orange clogs that looks trendy and hip. Lastly, made your clogs complement your theme by going for larger jewelry or accessories in the matching shade of your footwear.

By heeding our tricks, you’ll make your trendy pair of clogs flatter your personality and style.

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