The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Wedges

Some of the many comfortable options women have, wedges are shoes are named after the heel that is shaped like a wedge. The Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo is credited with creating the orthopedic wedge shoes made from wood and cork in 1935, and have returned to popularity in the 21st century as a comfortable shoe option for women. Unlike the typical stiletto heel, wedges run the length of the shoe from back to front or the middle of the shoe, making it more stable and comfortable. So, keep on reading for our ultimate guide to wearing wedges.

Pick the style of wedges that suit your lifestyle.

structured coat with wedge pumps

wedge boots with urban outfitwedge sandals with chic outfit

There are many different types of wedges from which you can choose like sandals, boots, and pumps. Though sandals are what some may think of when it comes to wedges, these are often made of cork, canvas, or jute. Wedge pumps are more comfortable and practical to wear all day than regular pumps, while wedge boots tend to be easier to walk in than stiletto boots.

Go for a versatile color that goes well with your outfits.

floral skirt with red wedge pumps wedge sandals with dress suede boots with fall outfit

A neutral color such as brown, black, navy blue, gray, nude, or white can go well with any of your outfits, though bright jewel tones can also look stylish while adding a pop of color. Like fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein, opt for a red pair of wedge pumps that can spice up your floral skirt and a plain tee.

Resort to heel height you’re comfortable walking.

fall dress with cap toe boots wedge boots with skirt and knitted top wedge boots with casual dress

Depending on your body frame and daily activities, you should opt for suitable with of heel, as well as height of heel to balance your proportions. A woman with thinner calves should go for smaller heels and thinner wedge while chunkier heels look better with thicker calves because they balance them out. Also, the height of your heels should depend on the occasion, how comfortable are you walking in heels, and your outfit. Generally, one to two inches can be great for everyday use, and goes well with a casual denim and t-shirt. Two to three inches are comfortable enough to be worn for an extended period of time while visually lengthening your legs. On the other hand, more than four inches wedges are great for special since they’re difficult to walk in.

Select a material and design that can dress up or dress down your outfits.

transluscent wedge boots with casual chic outfit espadrille wedges with casual outfit button down blouse with wedge pumps

Wedges can be worn every day, to the office, and formal events depending on their material and design. Generally, cork, canvas, rubber, and jute convey the idea of a summer sandal that looks great with sundresses and flowing skirts while leather feels urban. If choosing wedges for a more elegant occasion, a woman should consider leather or a dressy fabric such as satin, as well as decorations like bows, sequins and such. However, wedge shoes are not encouraged to wear with capri pants, pencil skirts, skinny jeans because the shoes tend to be bulky. Remember, when putting your outfit together, balance is the key so you’ll make your pair of wedges flatter your style and body type.

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