The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Low-Cut Blouse

Except for professional workplace, there’s a time and a place for a low cut blouse. If looking sophisticated matters to you, consider when low becomes too low as there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of cleavage. On the contrary, too much cleavage can send the wrong message, look tacky, and even make a woman look like she’s trying way too hard to get some attention. So, keep on reading for our ultimate guide to wearing a low-cut blouse.

Wear camisoles underneath for the sake of modesty.

low cut blouse with camisole and printed skirt

three piece suit with choker scarf sheer-top-with-white-pants-and-striped-hat

One way you can wear a low neckline at work is wearing camisoles beneath keeping it modest yet classy. You may opt for camisoles in plain styles, lace designs, and embellished varieties. Though wearing a nude shade of camisole may be a great trick to resemble your skin, it won’t look decent at work so save them on your street looks. Also, you may think of slipping into a camisole with the same color of your pants to keep everything coordinated and sleek like Micah Gianneli did.

Team your daring tops with conservative bottoms.

floral slit skirt with wrap blouse tube top with orange pants tube top with white pants tube top woth cobalt blue pants V neck blouse with wide leg pants

If your blouse is low cut, then that’s the attention getter of your outfit. Because of that, the rest of your outfit should be more subdued. Meaning, your pants or skirt shouldn’t be tight, or too short. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, you may opt for a fitted tube top but wear it with a pair of flowy trousers to keep your looks balanced. For a feminine and classy vibe, be inspired by fashion blogger Jessica Ricks wearing a lightweight maxi skirt with her sexy wrap blouse making it look demure yet season-appropriate.

Cover up with a lightweight cardigan or blazer.

lightweight coat with crop top and high waist skirt tube top with pink pants and colorful cardigan low cut top with blazer and leather leggings

Outerwear can be a fashionable addition to your outfit as long as you keep it season-appropriate. Though thicker materials can give the illusion of more coverage, opt for breathable ones that will add some decent vibe on your outfit when your cleavage is already on display. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, a lightweight trench will give you enough cover especially if you’re planning to wear bralettes and bandeaus on your summer looks which are more daring than crop tops.

Wear your sexy pieces the right way.

cropped shirt with nude leather leggings sexy top and skirt with red coat sexy black top with slit skirt low cut blouse with printed shorts lace shorts with button down blouse cut-out-top-with-high-waist-skirt

You can definitely indulge in a dramatic neckline while showing off your midriff at the same time. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may simply knot your traditional shirt to create a cropped look effortlessly while your pair of leather leggings gives off some sexy and classy vibe. If you wish to show off your legs along with your scooped neckline, think of topping your outfit with a coat like Jessica Ricks did, making your sexy looks sophisticated.

Draw attention away from your cleavage with a statement necklace or prints.

printed skirt with low cut blouse gold necklace with low cut blouse and pencil miniskirt tropical embroidered low cut blouse sheer tank top with striped skirt

To avoid getting the impression of trying too hard, think of wearing printed bottoms or a statement necklace to diminish the attention on your low-cut blouse. Horizontal stripes on your skirt will draw the eyes downward while your statement necklace will draw the attention on your face. By heeding our style guidelines, you can now wear a low-cut blouse in a sexy and classy way.

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