The Ultimate Guide to Stilettos

Made popular in the 1950’s by Italian designers, stilettos or pointy heeled shoes have become the symbol of attractive and powerful career women. However, it’s not just easy to pick what you see in stores as it must fit correctly and you must learn how to walk in them properly. So, before getting your own pair of shoes, keep on reading for our ultimate guide to stilettos.

Pick a style of stilettos that suits your lifestyle.


stiletto-pumps-with-peplum-top-and-pencil-skirt stiletto-boots-with-grunge-outfit

Depending on your everyday activities and lifestyle, there’s a perfect stiletto for you. If you’re a career woman, you may think of stiletto pumps with a classic look that can be worn in the office, as long as the color and material is kept looking sophisticated. For an urban style, go for stiletto boots to get a sexy look this fall. On the other hand, stiletto platform shoes add even more height while strappy stiletto sandals can also look very elegant paired with a dress for a night out. However, these are not appropriate for the office as this style is not considered formal enough.

Opt for heel height that’s comfortable for you.

graphic-print-dress-with-sandals stiletto-net-boots-with-urban-outfit pleated-skirt-with-sexy-top-and-stiletto-boots

The height of stilettos can vary significantly so it is necessary to choose the right heel height. If you’re going to wear it to the office, two inches high may be the perfect one for you though it can be much taller than that. Many stilettos have heels at least four to five inches tall, while some women wear them eight inches or taller. If you’re just starting to wear stilettos, you should choose a heel that is on the shorter side to make walking easier.

Coordinate your outfit with your stilettos.

gladiators-with-chic-outfit sexy-black-dress-with-turquoise-stiletto-pumps orange-dress-with-metallic-gold-sandals

Many outfits look great with stilettos because they lengthen the leg line, but it is important to match the style of the stiletto to your outfit. When going out for the night, you should consider choosing stilettos in interesting fabrics, such as suede, and have lots of sparkle and accessories. Stilettos worn at the office may be colorful, but they should still be kept professional. Like fashion blogger Darya Kamalova, you may use your stilettos to add a pop of color to your outfit just like wearing a black dress with turquoise stiletto pumps.

Walk comfortably and confidently in stilettos.

tank-top-with-maxi-skirt stiletto-sandals-with-artistic-outfit cobalt-blue-sandals-with-white-outfit

Learning how to walk comfortably and confidently in stilettos may seem challenging, but practice will make walking in stilettos easier. Remember, it is hard for a woman to look sexy and confident when she is wobbling around and trying not to fall. So always keep your proper posture and walk from heel to toe to keep your balance. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to pick the perfect stilettos for you and give you a sexy statement that turns heads.

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