The Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Outerwear

Prepare for any outdoor adventure in style and comfort. When looking for the perfect outerwear item, it can be overwhelming as there is an abundance of types and styles from which to choose. Before investing on your seasonal outerwear, you might want to read our ultimate guide so you’ll be sure to find the exact coat or jacket in mind and the qualities it can offer, as well as the versatility and lifestyle options for the most benefit.

Fall Season


red-robe-coat-with-heels raincoat-with-dress-and-sneakers patchwork-skirt-with-coat-and-turtleneck-top

In the fall season, you may resort to motorcycle leather jackets, poncho, raincoats, and cape to keep you stylish and chic. The design of motorcycle jackets is rather fitted around the waist and has a characteristic collar with metal accent trim work and zipper details that can make your outfits edgy, while a poncho is a pull-over style jacket with a large collar or hood that can keep you warm and carefree. When there is rain, fog, or drizzle in the forecast, raincoats are functional to keep you dry, while classic trench coats in several weather-resistant colors are great. Capes or windbreakers are designed to fit loosely around the body with a voluminous A-line cut, for where its wide sleeves make a fashionable statement. The length of a cape can fall between the top of the waist and below the hips, so better opt for a silhouette that flatters your shape since it can be overwhelming.

Winter Season

chic-white-puffer-coat-with-leather-trousers mint-pastel-coat-with-gray-boots gray-coat-with-fur-scarf-and-sneakers fur-winter-coat-with-skinny-jeans

Winter toppers are indispensable for chilly days and nights. Depending on the setting you’re going to, you may opt for winter jackets, but they’re more casual than coats and generally end at or just below the waist. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, you may opt for a puffer coat that can still look great at work to provide you extra warmth. Puffer coats are commonly made with down, designed and cut into horizontal layers or quilted patterns, and a waterproof exterior material. Insulated puffer jackets provide lightweight and comfortable cold weather protection while you’re running errands, commuting and getting in and out of the car. On the other hand, a parka coat is a highly insulated coat usually with a hood that provides extra warmth in cooler casual environments while a pea coat is a thick coat usually made with a heavier material and ornate details to stand out in style. If you’re aiming for a chic style, resort to shearling coats made from sheepskin or lambskin as well as fur coats that are classy.

Spring Season

chic-blazer-with-checkered-jumpsuit-and-watermelon-clutch novelty-print-bomber-jacket-with-banded-shorts

Bomber jackets, denim jackets, classic blazers, and corduroy jackets are some of the outerwear you may go for in the spring season. Denim jacket is an excellent choice as an early spring jacket when it’s getting hotter or an early fall jacket, but not meant for colder temperatures due to the lack of insulation.

Summer Season

military-jacket-with-summer-outfit floral-print-kimono-with-vintage-outfit

The material used in the design of outwear, can greatly change the look and level of warmth it could provide. That’s the reason why some jacket can still be worn in the summer like military jackets. For a lightweight option, think of a kimono or a bolero that can add some cover to your sexy tank tops and crop tops. Some military style jackets can be found in a straight or fitted cut, accents around the pockets, buttons, a distinctive collar, long sleeves and patchwork details that can add some edge to your summer look.

With our outerwear guide, you’ll be able to find the most flattering jacket or coat for you while keeping everything season-appropriate.

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