The Ultimate Guide to Lace-Up Sandals

More sophisticated than flip-flops, lace-up sandals can be worn to the beach, the office, or out for a night on the town while adding some sexy flair to your looks. If you’re wondering how to pull them off with your outfits, keep on reading for our ultimate guide to lace-up sandals.

Opt for a stylish and functional pair of lace-up sandals.

boho inspired dress with platform footwear

statement lace up boots with edgy outfit off shoulder gingham dress with lace up sandals

Many lace-up sandals, while stylish, do not offer much foot support. Their flat soles can hurt feet after a day of wear, so better opt for ones with additional cushioning and rubber soles that make them comfortable for long-term wear. Lace-ups that wrap around the ankle provide an air of mystery. If you’re looking for a stylish functional pair, resort to lace-up wedges that add height with heels while staying comfortable and stable over stilettos. Flat sandals are more casual than wedges, and do not offer the extra height. However, they’re more comfortable and easier to wear.

Make your casual street style effortlessly-chic with lace-up wedges and flats.

denim skirt with peasant blouse and platform sandals leopard print maxi dress with lace up sandals lace up gladiators with poncho

Lace-up wedges add height while complementing your chic outfits, while flats look more casual yet easy to walk in. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, complement the retro vibe of your button-front skirt and eyelet blouse with a pair of lace-up wedges that looks chic and breezy. Or, channel the carefree vibe like Jessica Stein, wearing your leopard print maxi dress with a pair of lace-up flats.

Add some sexy vibe to your dressy outfits with lace-up stilettos.

chic dress with blazer and lace up shoes pink matching set with lace up sandals off shoulder top with flowy skirt and lace up sandals

The dressiest of lace-up styles, lace-up stilettos are appropriate for work or a night out that can lengthen your leg line and add height. However, their heels can cause balance problems and foot discomfort. Like fashion blogger Micah, Gianneli, add some feminine flair to your monochromatic outfit with a pair of pastel pink stiletto sandals that look sexy and chic. You may also go for brightly-colored stilettos to add some spice to your office outfits like dresses and blazers that will look just perfect.

Make a statement with brightly-colored lace ups or gladiator sandals.

vest dress with cobalt blue lace up heels gladiator lace up sandals with off shoulder top and denim shorts black shirt dress with lace up boots

Adding a pop of color with your lace up sandals is great, but going for bolder version like a pair of lace-up gladiators can be great. Gladiators have attractive lace-up details that come in multiple heights, and can have either a flat sole or a heel, yet they can be more difficult to match with outfits. Team your casual denim shorts with knee-length gladiators that look effortlessly cool. For a more daring look, go for thigh-high gladiators that will look perfect with your sexy outfits like bodycon dresses, shirtdresses, and miniskirts. Indeed, lace-up sandals are great for adding some sexy flair to any of your outfits.

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