The Ultimate Guide to a “Remixable” Wardrobe

If you found yourself feeling like you have to buy more clothes to diversify your wardrobe, you might simply don’t know to utilize a piece in multiple ways, and you’re not getting the most out of your basics. If remixing your clothes didn’t come naturally to you, keep on reading for our ultimate guideline to building a remixable wardrobe.

  1. Re-imagine your existing pieces.

checkered skirt with jacket and sneakers

graphic print skirt with tank top fringed jacket with white jeans

Before going shopping, re-imagine your existing pieces in your closet first if you can recreate new outfits from them. Since mixing print is fashionable nowadays, you might have some printed pieces that you can wear together to create a trendy outfit. Or, wear your graphic print pieces with solid-colored ensembles you haven’t touched in your closet. Also, think of wearing your fringed jackets with all of your trousers instead of wearing it with your one and only denim jeans.

  1. Shop for re-mixable pieces.

red bag with summer outfit trench coat with leather trousers and sweater sweater with leopard clutch

If you’ve found you need to update your style with fresh items, shop for re-mixable pieces. Versatile and plain ensembles typically go well with anything compared to printed and bold-colored ones. Toppers like coats, denim jacket, vests, chic blazers and such can go well with any of your outfit, so think of getting them in plain and muted styles. Also, think of season-less clothes that you can wear in the summer, fall, winter, and spring so you’ll maximize your closet.

  1. Take advantage of colored ensembles.

cobalt blue leather jacket with shorts pink off shoulder top with denim shorts pastel pink sweater with neoprene skirt

Apart from neutral-colored clothes, having a few colored ensembles on your outfit will add some flair to your style. Think of a cobalt blue biker jacket that will add some color to your street style, or a pastel pink sweater that can take you from day to night. Jewel tones and pastel hues are more feminine and sophisticated over neon and blinding shades. Also, be careful of color blocked dresses that you can hardly dress up since they’re statement-making already.

  1. Wear your favorite clothes more often with layering.

crop top with cardigan and joggers pea coat with edgy outfit culottes with sweater and jacket

In the cold seasons, you can actually wear your favorite clothes more often. However, go for neutral colors like white, black, navy, gray, nude, camel, and such so you can wear them from work to play. You may go for a head-to-to neutral or monochromatic on your office outfits that will make everything sleek and polished.

  1. Make your outfit interesting with chic accessories.

chandelier earrings with off shoulder tophoundstooth dress with lace up boots snakeprint boots with white dress

Accessories can make or break your look, so choose them carefully. If you’re minimalist, animal print accents like a leopard print scarf, snake print boots, and such that will look sophisticated and edgy. If you’re a fan of avant-garde dressing, you could never go wrong with statement pumps, chandelier earrings, embellished clutch, hats, and such. Just go for accessories that will flatter your style and personality. By following these simple guidelines, you’ll be able to build a remixable wardrobe that can serve you for more years to come.

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