The Ultimate Guide for Getting the Right Fit on Your Basics

Looking fashionable doesn’t mean splurging on designer pieces over basics as getting the most from your clothes often means investing in versatile, well-made, simple pieces. Depending on your basic piece and where are you going to wear them, tailoring can help you to the most from staples. So, keep on reading for the ultimate guide for getting the right fit on your basics so you won’t have to splurge on an item that doesn’t fit well.

Button-Down Shirts

button down shirt with printed pants

button down shirt with printed skirt military button down shirt with tasseled skirt button down shirt with button front skirt

If classic button-up shirts are a cornerstone of your work uniform, the tailoring of your basic piece must leave no margin for error. The most common problem area for women with button-down shirts is the gap between the bust, especially if you’re busty as a fit that’s even slightly off can create tension gaps between buttons and cuffs that will look sloppy. If you’re going to wear your button-down shirts on your casual weekends, it’s up to you whether you wish for an oversized version that you can wear with your most casual and effortless items.

Evening Dress

white dress with camel coat and lace up heels black lace dress chic eyelet dress free-flowing dress

If you’re heading to a formal party or even a black-tie affair, your evening dress should fit impeccably. Just pay attention to the draping that must be where it’s supposed to while the straps shouldn’t be cutting into your skin. If you’re resorting to A-line dresses, the garment obviously relies on the perfect execution of that A-shaped line, and it’s utterly unforgiving when the fit is off. If you have a muffin top, the problem might be on the waist which should never be loose or too tight. On the other hand, smaller chest ladies should get any extra fabric tailored out since slouching or looseness will look unflattering. If you’re investing on a classic dress, keep in mind that you’ll wear it multiple times so be careful of the proper fit.

Suits and Blazers

chic blazer with feminine outfit structured blazer with monochromatic outfit chic white sailor blazer with skinny jeans sailor blazer with casual outfit

If you don’t have the budget to buy designer suit and blazer, good tailoring can make it look like a million bucks. Though oversized blazers and suits are trendy, you must be mindful of the perfect fit if you’re going to wear them to the office. Small elements like the sleeve length, waistline, and jacket length will distinguish a clean cut from looking like you’re playing dress-up in your boyfriend’s clothes. Whether it’s a feminine or an androgynous suit, you have to get a defined waistline even if you don’t have an hourglass waist. You may also prefer an A-line waist, which is fitted without appearing too curvy. Remember that more feminine blazers are typically cut on the shorter side, but shorter-cut androgynous blazers are becoming trendier so it’s up to you to decide.


crop top with dressy trousers wide leg trousers with vest and bandeau top white blouse with flared trousers dressy trousers with chic blouse and coat

When shopping for pants, consider choosing stretchy fabrics like cotton, wool, or cotton polyester blend that help the pants achieve more fit. Also, when you try on a pair of pants, bend your knees and sit to make sure the crotch is not too tight or the pants are not too short in the rise. The rise of your pants is the distance between the crotch and the top of the waistband, and it’s important to find a rise that fits your body type. Your pants should fit, lengthwise. Most pants are hemmed to clear your shoe heel but rest on the front part of the shoe, creating a slight break.

With these guides, you’ll be able to invest in good-fitting clothes that you can wear for a lifetime.

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