The Shopper’s Guide to Leather Handbags

A leather bag is one of the few key things to invest on. Whether you plan on splurging on a high-fashion brand such as Louis Vuitton – or a more affordable line such as H&M – it pays to know these vital tips on buying leather handbags.

Height is Might

Your height is a strong factor to consider when purchasing leather handbags. If you are petite, you do not want an oversized bag that can make you look like a dwarf. At the same time, if you are tall, you will look like a giant with a mini clutch. Get the best look by picking a bag that is proportionate to your stature.

brown bag with chain

brown structured bag

Your Body Type is Important

When it comes to purchasing leather handbags, choose a style that is the complete opposite of your body type. If you are slim and tall (lucky you,) then go for less structured pieces such as hobos.

black leather hobo

But if you are petite and curvy, choose sleek and structured handbags such as clutches. Remember, the general rule is the healthier you are, the more structured your bag should be.

brown leather bag

Linger on Length

When it comes to purchasing leather handbags, it is not about your desired style anymore. In fact, the right kind of purse can influence your appearance as well. If you want to draw attention to your thin waist, then choose a bag that ends at your midriff.

brown crossbody bagbrown mini bag

Want to look as if you have a bigger chest? Then pick short-handle handbags. Remember, where the end goes, the eyes follow.

brown leather hobo

Be Purse-Practical

Like any other girl, you might be tempted to buy an expensive handbag. But even if you have the money to burn, you need to be practical when it comes to buying leather handbags.

black designer sling bag

Don’t go just after the brand, go after its usefulness. Will you be able to use it often? Can you transcend the look from day to night? You’ll be surprised at the results if you consider these questions. In the end, you might enjoy your ‘practical’ purse more than your other designer handbags.

brown messenger bagbrown weekender bag

Leather handbags can be your lifelong companions as long as you treat them with care. Make the most out of this essential fashion investment by minding these tips when shopping for leather handbags.

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