The Secret to Chic Etiquette

New York, Milan, Tokyo, and Paris are the fashion capitals of the world. Whether you’re living in the big city or planning for your outfits on your upcoming vacation, you have to look fabulous and appropriate. Since looking like a woman is synonymous to looking feminine, timeless, and classy, keep on reading for our woman’s guide to staying chic in the city.

Resort to classy neutral shades.

gray dress with black vest and cowboy belt

sailor blazer with beige pants nude coat with chic casual outfit

Neutral shades are not only basics but must timeless colors that will survive in four seasons. Black, white, camel, beige, nude, gray and such will go well with everything. With neutral colored ensembles, it’s easy to transition your day outfit to a night out on the town. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may go for a plain gray dress that can be dressed up with a black vest, choker, and cowboy belt. Or, dress up your casual pants with a sailor blazer or a nude coat that will add some polish to your style.

Incorporate trendy styles to your chic outfits.

bell sleeved dress with suede boots cold shoulder dress with lace up shoesgrape fruit print skirt with classic black coat

Looking chic in the city can be done by incorporating some trends that work for you. If you’re a fan of timeless look but wish to make it a bit modern, think of trends that can still look classy and chic, therefore will not draw you away from your personal style. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, add some bohemian flair to your style in a classy way by opting for a cold shoulder dress or a bell sleeved one that still look classy. Or, update your classic outfits with a trendy piece. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, think of wearing a quirky fruit print skirt with your classic black coat to add some personality to your chic style.

Add some pop of color.

classic red dress with shoes yellow skirt with classic coat and boots festive boots with boho chic outfit

Colors can add some personality to your style, so pick ones that look flattering for your skin undertone and make you feel great. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, make your classic style a bit festive by opting for a red sweater dress that can be worn from day to night. Or, bring it on with your accessories like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, wearing a pair of red festive boots with her chic outfit of floral print top and A-line skirt.

Personalize your style.

cozy chic outfit with burgundy boots metallic silver dress with fur scarf animal print jumpsuit with chic sunglasses

Regardless of your fashion taste and personality, you can always make your style chic. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, you may think wearing an animal print jumpsuit that looks trendy at the same time classy, or a metallic silver dress teamed with architectural shoes and fur scarf. Just look for the details that can make your outfits unique and more personal. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to get that chic style regardless of the city you’re in.

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