The Second Rule of Style: Fabric

Though the first rule of style is fit, the second rule of style is fabric for where your clothes should be comfortable and cool. Regardless of your size, it’s not your duty to cover up as it’s your duty to be comfortable and treat yourself as the worthy, wonderful person you are. So, keep on reading for our guidelines to pick the best fabrics for you.

Choose the best fabrics you can afford.


printed-blouse-with-full-skirt chic-white-dress-with-sling-bag tank-top-with-leather-shorts-and-gold-choker

The general rule of thumb about fabric is to choose the best you can afford. The more expensive fabrics are fabrics made from natural fibers and the thing that makes them expensive is because they have to be grown rather than manufactured, hence limited supply. Some of the natural fibers are wool, cotton, linen, silk, cashmere, camel hair and such that came from natural sources. On the other hand, synthetic fabrics are cheaper yet you can still go for high-quality ones that can withstand wear and tear.

Natural based fabrics wear better and last longer.

breezy-skirt-with-bandeau-top-and-hat polka-dots-maxi-dress-with-sun-hat mesh-dress-with-floral-headband chic-eyelet-dress-with-sun-hat

Natural fabrics wear better and last longer because the actual fibers are stronger than manufactured ones. Also, they’re warmer, cooler ‘hang’ better on our frames than manufactured fabrics. If you’re looking for best natural fabrics, go for wool crepe, wool micro fibre blends,  wool gabardine, cotton blended with silk, flat knits, two-ply silks and some synthetics. Also, rayon is a good choice as it’s manufactured from bark, while viscose is better than acrylic, and acrylic is better than polyester. Which is not to say don’t buy polyester, but you have to look for blends and see if there’s a better option.

Go for low-maintenance fabrics over ones that need to be dry cleaned or ironed.

neoprene-gray-dress-with-statement-sandals crop-top-with-sheer-skirt-and-boxy-top black-top-with-full-skirt-and-camel-bag bell-sleeved-top-with-button-front-skirt

Richer fabrics tend to be cut better than cheaper ones. Also, some of them are high-maintenance that needs to be dry cleaned or ironed. So think of your lifestyle and habits, especially if you’re not a fan of ironing your clothes or dry cleaning before you wear them. If you’re more on a casual style, resort on stretchy fabrics that are generally more comfortable. Cotton is always a difficult choice because it’s cheap. Cotton is not created equal as some feel better than other and your best bet is to go by touch. A touch of spandex mixed with cotton is great, but try not to go for more than 5% otherwise it’s getting into the realm of swimwear.

It doesn’t mean eliminate all but the most costly fabrics from your wardrobe. But, pay a little more for your foundation items that will last for years. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to pick the best fabric that will serve you well.

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