The Rule of 2-hour, 4-hour, or 8-hour Shoes for Women

Having the ability to remix your wardrobe with different styles of shoes may be the best way to stretch your wardrobe. There are the basic shoes that you should have in your closet, like platform sandals, classic pumps, stiletto shoes, high boots, wedges, peep-toe, and gladiators. Though different styles of shoes will flatter your stylish outfits, think of how long will they last on your feet for a day. So, keep on reading for the rule on “2-hour, “4-hour, and “8-hour shoes.

2-hour Shoes

leopard print sandals with patent leather skirt and nude top

peep toe stilettos with gray jeans and vest metallic gold ankle strap sandals with white dress and statement clutch stiletto sandals with sexy outfit

The 2-hour shoes are usually the sexiest, but will kill your feet in 2-hours or less. Sky-high stiletto sandals, and high-heeled pumps belong to the 2-hour shoes regardless how shiny, edgy, and daring they are. Remember that they will almost always hurt your toes in the first twenty minutes of walking. It can make you look fabulous, but you are in pain. However, they can be great for formal events, night-outs, formal dinner, and evening parties that only last for few hours. You may think of ankle strap sandals when going for high-heels without platforms, or peep-toe shoes for stiletto pumps to make you feel more comfortable. This way, you’ll know which shoes to wear, and you’re not going to walk bare feet on the floor.

4-hour Shoes

block heeled boots with coat lug sole sandals with casual outfit block heels with casual chic outfit block heeled clogs with military dress

The 4-hour shoes will be one of your everyday block heeled shoes or sandals. The common misconception is that blocked heeled sandals or shoes are always comfortable. However, it can actually be comfortable if the sole and the padding on the inside of the heels are done correctly. But the reason this is not an 8-hour shoe is because after walking in these heels for four hours your foot has been pushed to the front putting pressure on your toes. Going for block heels made from cork or rubbe are much more comfortable to walk-in. If you’re wearing boots or clogs, go for rounded toes that give some room to your feet.

8-hour Shoes

white shoes with classic dress kitten heeled pumps with high waist pants and tank top kitten heeled pumps with black outfit cap toe block heels with black dress

The 8-hour shoes are usually the classic kitten heels. Whether it’s a peep-toe, box toe, or round toes, kitten heels are much more comfortable than stilettos. However, peep-toe shoes with chunky heels give you the comfortable and casual style since it allows your feet to have room in the front that gives way to pressure and relieves your toes from compression which makes them more comfortable. You may go for kitten heels in block style to keep your feet comfortable when walking. Unfortunately, the 8-hour shoes are not the sexiest shoe as it’s about the comfort rather than the style. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll be able to maximize your style while staying comfortable.

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