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The Real Techniques Makeup Brushes Review

Hello there beauties here is my The Real Techniques Makeup Brushes Review!
If you follow me on Twitter – you’ll know that recently I was expressing my frustration with my Sigma brushes!
Just recently, I’ve been noticing that even some of my newer brushes have ferrules that are coming loose!
As you can probably imagine, it’s exceedingly frustrating when you spend money on a product that breaks.
Luckily, I’ve been able to super glue most of the brushes to ensure that they don’t completely fall apart.
However, when you spend money on a product, you don’t want to have to fuss with it and fix it. I’ve had MAC brushes that have lasted way longer with no issues!
So today while I was out, I decided to venture to the tools section of Ulta and see what they had to offer me.
I have heard SO much about the Real Techniques brushes, and so I decided to pick one up.
I especially love that I have been watching the Chapman sisters for awhile on YouTube, and it’s great that Sam has created this line!
So let’s get into the real deal about Real Techniques…
 The Real Techniques brushes were developed by Samantha Chapman, one of the famous “Pixiwoo” sisters and a wonderful makeup artist and blogger. Samantha created a variety of brushes, the “orange” for face products, and the “purple” for eyes.
The Real Techniques provide a more affordable alternative to high end brushes, without skimping on the quality. They are available at Ulta, are available individually or packaged within sets!
The Real Techniques brush that I chose to try out first is the ‘Powder Brush’.
I chose this brush because my current powder brush is just not cutting it, so I’m stepping out of Sigma and onto the next company!
2 real technique packaging
The packaging for the Real Techniques brushes is quite wonderful!
They all come packaged inside this durable plastic casing, with little bits of information on the front and back.
The packaging states that with this powder brush you can expect HD results, is it true?
3 Real Techniques Powder Brush
To help you get a feel for the size and quality of this brush, I’ve taken a couple comparison shots.
Above, you’ll see the Real Techniques Powder Brush compared to other powder brushes in my collection.
To the left of it lies the F30 by Sigma, a large powder brush with a longer handle.
You can see that this brush is a bit longer than the Real Techniques, but isn’t quite as dense.
To the right, you’ll see Sigma’s F20 and F10.
The F20 looks similar to the Real Techniques, but the brush is much more larger in diameter.
Let me tell you this: the feel of the Sigma powder brushes doesn’t even compare to the softness of Real Techniques brushes. It’s an amazing difference that is worth checking out!
The F10 is much smaller than the Real Techniques Powder Brush, but has the same sort of tapered bristles.
4 powder brushes by real techniques
From left to right: Sigma F30, Real Techniques Powder Brush, Sigma F20, Sigma F10
5 brushes by real techniques
 From left to right: Sigma F30, Real Techniques Powder Brush, Sigma F20, Sigma F10
 As you can see, the Real Techniques is definitely similar to the shape and purpose of a couple of the Sigma face brushes – but trust me when I say that you should not overlook these!
Just because you currently have a powder brush, doesn’t mean that these aren’t worth a glance next time you’re in Ulta.
The texture of the bristles and the denseness is absolutely perfect for applying all-over-powders or even applying bronzer.
Don’t pass up a chance to see this flawless design!
If you already own any of the Real Techniques brushes, how do they compare to other brushes in your opinion?
Have they held up well even after repeated use/washes?
Let me know in the comments below!