The Pyramid Rule Every Stylish Person Secretly Knows

Though everyone’s different, and everyone ultimately defines “perfect wardrobe” in different ways, the pyramid rule can help you build that ideal, well-balanced closet that resembles those of the most stylish women out there. Just like a food pyramid, your wardrobe has various categories weighted differently, depending how crucial they are. So, keep scrolling to check out the full breakdown, and see which percentages of your closet should be made up of different types of items.

  1. Shop basics, which should make up 35% of your wardrobe.

button down blouse with wedge pumps

structured coat with white shirt and jeans leather jacket with sweater and boots chunky sweater with chic shorts button down shirt with jeans and coat

Basics are of utmost importance because they’re the foundation of your look. The basics include skinny jeans, classic blouses, pumps, wrap dress, tote bag, button down shirt, little black dress, sweater, and such. Opt for neutral shades of black, brown, white, gray, nude, navy, and beige to make them versatile enough as bright colors will only take the basic look from them. Therefore, your closet should be filled with more pieces from this group than others. And it goes up from there.

  1. Shop casual clothing, which should make up 20% of your wardrobe.

cut off shorts with graphic tee sweater with jeans and saddle bag ripped jeans with casual jacket gray tee with lace skirt denim romper with mesh top

This rule theory works best for you if you’re an office girl and have your off on the weekends. Casual tees, cut-off shorts, sneakers, biker jacket, military jacket, denim overalls, ripped jeans, printed sweaters, and bucket bags are some of the casual pieces you need on the weekend to give your feet some rest from your sky-high stilettos.

  1. Shop professional clothing, which should make up 20% of your wardrobe.

chic blazer with office outfit office outfit with structured bag office dress with structured bag nude blouse with accordion skirt classic red dress

If you’re working in a conservative office that needs no uniform but a business suit, you can invest on a few conservative colors on your blazer, straight leg pants, pencil skirt, chic blouse and such that can be teamed with your other ensembles when you’re off the office. Just be creative mixing and matching your outfit to create a professional at the same time stylish looks.

  1. Shop seasonal staples, which should make up 10% of your wardrobe.

fur coat with edgy outfit and gold oxfords winter coat with dress sexy swimsuit with classic sunglasses puffer coat with leather trousers pink swimsuit with hat

Seasonal staples include pieces you can only wear in a certain season like a summer swimsuit, winter coat, parka coat, puffer jacket, and vinyl jacket. Oversized coats can still be worn in the fall season when it’s a bit chilly in the nighttime and warm at the daytime, so it belongs to the basic group. On the other hand, fur coats are considered as a winter staple that can be too hot even in the fall season. Also, swimwear like swimsuits and bikinis can only be worn at the beach in the summer months.

  1. Shop going-out clothing, which should make up 10% of your wardrobe.

floral print dress with classic pumps summer romper with sun hat sexy black romper with nude clutch sequin top with skirt and oxfords

Whether you’re a party girl or a woman juggling between work and night outs, you need to have some going-out clothes in your closet like flirty dresses, sequin tops, sexy rompers, printed jumpsuits, printed dresses, leather skirts, metallic outfits and such.

  1. Shop finishing touches, which should make up 5% of your wardrobe.

jumpsuit with brooch gold jewelry with fur top and green skirt brightly colored bag with oversized coat bib necklace with watch and casual chic outfit

Accessories can make or break your look. However, they are the finishing touches you need least in your closet. These includes sunglasses, scarf, jewelry, brightly-colored bag, and hat. If you’re a woman with a classic personality, a pair of earrings, a formal watch, and a dainty necklace might be enough for you. Following this theory is the simplest way to ensure your wardrobe is stocked with all of the essential pieces you need in your everyday life. By following the pyramid rule, you’ll have the best wardrobe in no time.

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