The Psychology of Clothing Choices

Dressing up can take extra effort, but if you wear things that evoke positive feelings, positive reactions from others, and such you’ll feel good. A new study suggests that dressing in nicer clothes makes you feel better. Since there’s a real connection between clothing and mood, keep on reading to know about the psychology of clothing choices.

Women who are feeling down put less effort into what they’re wearing, while women who are in a good mood tend to look great to match their mood.

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According to a recent news release, one study has shown that women who are depressed and sad are more likely to wear baggy tops, jeans, and a sweatshirt. On the other hand, women who are happy and positive are more likely to wear a favorite dress, and jewelry. These clothing choices seem to mean that women who are feeling down put less effort into what they’re wearing, and women who are in a good mood tend to try and look nicer to match their mood.

Accessories can also affect mood, like the study suggests.

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According to the studies, majority of women believed that what they wear affects how confident they feel. Clothes impact strongly on how we feel and may also influence how we think, so pay attention to accessories as well that you wear together with your outfits. According to Donna Stellhorn, women who love to wear hats bring attention to their heads and indicate a person with power. “Jewelry and handbags also bring energy, and therefore an emotion, to the person.”

Wearing certain clothes can affect emotional states.

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“The strong link between clothing and mood state suggests we should put on clothes that we associate with happiness, even when feeling low,” according to the news release. “Jeans can signal that the wearer hasn’t bothered with their appearance. People who are depressed often lose interest in how they look and don’t wish to stand out, so the correlation between depression and wearing jeans is understandable, said professor Karen Pine. You can even read whether someone is feeling insecure based on their clothing. “When we are feeling depressed or unhappy, looking our best is not on our minds,” Pine said. However, body language and nonverbal communication is much more representative of one’s feelings. Also, jeans are an easy choice that doesn’t require a lot of thought. “I don’t think it’s the fact of wearing jeans that suggests sadness or depression as it is just wanting effortlessness and functionality,” a certified image consultant Shauna Mackenzie Heathman said.

The study mentions that happy clothes include well-cut, figure-enhancing items made from bright and beautiful fabrics.

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“When we don’t like what we wear, we focus on it throughout the day. It takes away the focus from the daily tasks that are important—work, relationships, family,” Heathman said. So, go for clothes that reflect your personality and moods so you’ll feel confident and amazing. By considering these things, you’ll be able to examine not only your personal style but also your personality and emotions.

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