The Perfect Denim Shorts for Every Body Type

Each body type is unique which means that just because a pair of denim shorts looks great on your friend doesn’t mean it will be guaranteed to look great on you too. Each body type has its perks and its flaws, its advantages and disadvantages that you should master to conceal and highlight. If you want to bring out the best of your body type, it’s important to know which styles flatter you and which ones don’t. For summer, check out this post on the perfect denim shorts for every body type.

  • IF YOU HAVE AN APPLE BODY TYPE – the apple body type is generally characterized by being top heavy. That could mean broad shoulders, big bust or both. Often, apple body types also have great legs so a pair of denim shorts that will bring attention to them is a must. Try wearing denim shorts with frayed hems. They’re going to make you feel very comfy and stylish and they’ll bring just the right amount of attention to your legs.

frayed shorts

frayed hem lace shorts frayed hem

  • IF YOU’RE PETITE – petite ladies know all too well the struggle of making their legs look longer and more slender but one easy way to fake long gams is to opt for denim shorts that are cuffed and folded by the hem. The ‘need’ to cuff your shorts will make the eyes think that your legs are actually longer than they really are, giving you a sexier all vibe all over.

petite denim shorts outfit petite denim shorts

  • IF YOU’RE LONG AND LEAN – being naturally tall doesn’t automatically mean you’ll have long legs. Some women are tall but their legs are at average length and if you’re one of them and you’re looking for ways to make your legs look taller to complement your height, Bermuda shorts are the denim shorts for you. They may be a little boyish but you can always add as much girly vibe to it as you like.

bermuda shorts and white top bermuda shorts outfit bermuda shorts

  • IF YOU’RE ATHLETIC – ladies with an athletic built will have strong legs that you can proudly show off and to help you do that, you can wear cropped and cuffed denim cutoff shorts. The shortness of your shorts will make your legs stand out for sure.

cropped and cuffed denim shorts cropped and cuffed

  • IF YOU HAVE A PEAR SHAPED BODY TYPE – unlike ladies with an apple shaped body, ladies with the pear shaped body type are more bottom-heavy with hips slightly broader than the waist. If you have a pear shaped body, the best kind of denim shorts to go for are those that come with the pockets exposed. The high hemline will make your legs look longer and draw attention to your slim waistline.

pocket out pockets out shorts


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