The Original Pedi-Sox Pedicure Socks Review

Here’s a exciting new product that has just been introduced to the Australian shores.

They’re the Original Pedi-Sox.

The Original Pedi-Sox Pedicure Socks Review

I think the Original Pedi-Sox is an ingenious idea. When I would frequent to the nail salon there was always some sort of dilemma post-pedicure.

Black & White stripe Original Pedi-SoxI’m wearing the Black & White stripe Original Pedi-SoxOriginal Pedi-Sox
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So what are Pedi-Sox?

They’re designed for you to slip into just after your pedicure but before your nailpolish application.
What the Pedi-Sox do is protect your freshly treated feet and lock in all the moisturisers to the skin of feet.

These are great to use in the colder weather when our skin tend to crack under the frosty conditions.
These will ensure your feet stay warm, the products stay where they need to be and prevent skin from cracking. After you’ve had your toes painted you can either walk out with them on (they’re machine washable) or you can wear your flip-flops with them.

I can imagine some people will say their toes would get cold and would defeat the purpose of them, but you can pull these socks all the way up to the balls of your feet just under the toes.
Also keep in mind you put these on before the nailpolish otherwise there will be a polish disaster!

The Original Pedi-Sox retail for $10 US (Aussies will have to calculate the conversion at the point of sale) and they DO ship internationally.

They will be stocking them in good nail salons all over Australia soon, so keep an eye out for them.