The Most Stylish Couples in Hollywood

The past year has been filled with so many weddings and celebrations of love and this year we’re expecting even more. We all have that one celebrity couple we wish would get married already and mine did last year (Brad and Angie, yay!) but what really makes a good couple? Well, a lot of things do but in Hollywood looking good together is a huge factor. Here are some of the most stylish couples in Hollywood.


  • OLIVIA PALERMO AND JOHANNES HUEBL – nobody does street style better than OP and hubby Johannes Huebl and when they dress it up, boy, we all drool! These two are always sharp and stylish and if they ever have kids, I’m sure they’re going to be the best dressed kids in Hollywood, too.

 olivia and johannes

olivia palermo and johannes huebl olivia palermo huebl op and jh op and johannes black outfit

  • GAVIN ROSSDALE AND GWEN STEFANI – Gwen and Gavin are the epitome of a rock and roll Hollywood couple. Their style, even after three kids, is still very hip and cool. They always remind me of those parents who are always mistaken for their kids’ siblings. Yep, that kinda cool.

gwen and gavin black tie outfit gwen and gavin casual look gwen and gavin gwen stefani gavin

  • BEYONCE AND JAY-Z – from concert costumes to street style date night looks, this couple has their style down to a tee. Bey and Jay are undeniably the one of the coolest, hottest most stylish couples in Hollywood.

bey jay posh beyonce and jayz bey and jay

  • CHRISSY TEIGEN AND JOHN LEGEND – model Chrissy Teigen and singe John Legend are one of the most fun couples in Hollywood right now and one of the most stylish, too! These two always have something good for the paps, from sweet and subtle PDA to gorgeous couple looks.

chrissy and john chrissy john black tie chrissy teigen and john legend casual

  • BLAKE LIVELY AND RYAN REYNOLDS – these two always look fab on the red carpet but their everyday outfits look just as amazing and though we aren’t seeing much of them because they’re busy with their little one, we know they’ll be back soon with a cute and equally stylish baby in tow.

blake and ryan honeymoon blake and ryan red carpet blake and ryan winter blake and ryan

  • BEHATI PRINSLOO AND ADAM LEVINE – when these two got married, a lot of hearts were broken (including mine) but now that we’ve moved on, we can get back to appreciating how truly and incredibly stylish these two are.

behati and adam for MV behati and adam red carpet behati and adam street style behati and adam behati adam

  • KIMYE – whether you like them or not, it’s no secret that Kim and Kanye West are among the best dressed celebs in Hollywood save for some of Kim’s NSFW outfits, of course, but hey, even that has been toned down a lot since she’s been with Kanye. Even their daughter, North, is dressed better than some of us are.

kim kardashian kanye west kim kardashian kanye west street style looks kim k and kanye west kim and kanye

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